Lecture Notes:

Slides are a mishmash of lots of other people's work. Special thanks to: Rob Fergus, Joseph Redmon, Harvey Rhody, Steve Seitz, Rick Szeliski, Ali Farhadi, Robert Collins, Ricardo Martin Brualla.

Date Lecture Notes in PPT Lecture Notes in PDF Readings
January 4 Introduction; ink Introduction None
January 9 Color and Texture; ink Color and Texture Joe Redmon's Color Lecture; Shapiro & Stockman Ch 6-7; HW1
January 11 Resizing; ink Resizing None
Jan 16 Filtering; ink Filtering Shapiro & Stockman 5.4-5.5,
Szeliski 3.2, 3.3.1, Morphological operations
Jan 18 Edges and Lines; ink Edges and Lines Shapiro & Stockman 5.6-8 and 10.3.4,
Szeliski 4.2.1; HW 2
Jan 23 Interest Operators; ink Interest Operators Szeliski 4.1.1, Harris Paper, SIFT paper
Jan 25 Describe and Match; ink Describe and Match Szeliski 4.1.2-4.1.3, SIFT paper
Jan 30 Matching and Blending; ink Matching and Blending Szeliski 6.1; HW3
Feb 1 CBIR and EM; ink CBIR and EM S&S Ch 8; Yi's EM Classifier Paper;
Feb 6 Learning 1; Kadir and Fergus; ink Learning 1; Kadir and Fergus Related to S&S Ch 4; Kadir paper; Fergus paper
Feb 8 Face Detection and Recognition; ink Face Detection and Recognition Viola Jones paper; S & S Ch 14.4.4
Feb 13 SVMs and Neural Nets; Multi-Class; ink; Multi-Class revised SVMs and Neural Nets; Multi-Class Related to S & S Ch 4 and Szeliski (2nd edition) Ch 5; HW4
Feb 15 Object Recognition; ink Object Recognition Girshick Paper; Redmon's YOLO Paper
Feb 20 CNN Basics; GANs CNN Basics; GANs PyTorch Tutorial; HW 5
Feb 22 Self-Supervised Learning; ink Self-Supervised Learning
Feb 27 Diffusion Models; ink Diffusion Models
Feb 29 Motion; ink Motion Szeliski 8.4-8.5, S&S 9.3.4-6, Pyramid Paper; Ming Ye's paper; Motion Layers Paper
Mar 5 Stereo and 3D; ink Stereo and 3D Shapiro and Stockman Chs 12-13; HW 6
Mar 7 NO CLASS Work on Projects
Mar 11 (MONDAY) 10:30-12:30 FINAL via zoom Link in Canvas Soon