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 CSE444 Introduction to Database Systems - Winter 2005
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Daily Schedule for 444

Note that this schedule will be altered during the quarter. Please make sure to check it every week.


  • Lecture topic
  • Reading assignment
  • Homework information
  • Project milestones
  • Special events
Week of Monday Wednesday Friday
January 3 Introduction SQL SQL
January 10 SQL   SQL SQL 
January 17 Holiday E/R Diagrams  E/R Diagrams 
January 24  Functional Dependencies
Database Design  Transactions in SQL 
January 31 Data Storage & Recovery  Recovery  Security 
February 7 Midterm XML  XPath, XQuery 
February 14  XQuery, XML Publishing & Storage
Concurrency Control  Concurrency Control 
February 21 Holiday   Indexes 
February 28 Hash Tables   Query Execution
Query Execution 
March 7 Query Execution
Query Optimization   
March 14      
 March 21      

* Read on your own, not covered in lecture

Additional Readings

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