Lecture Notes and Handouts

Copies of transparencies (powerpoint format) and other materials distributed in class will be available here.

Introduction, 1/3
E/R Model, 1/5
Relational Model, 1/7
E/R to Relations, 1/10 and E/R diagram handout
Functional Dependencies, 1/12
Normalization, 1/14
Views, 1/19
Relational Algebra, 1/21
SQL, 1/24
SQL, Part II, 1/26 and SQL examples, DDL and DML
SQL, Part III, 1/28 and SQL examples, DML
SQL, constraints, 1/31 and SQL constraints, DML
Disks, 2/2
Files and Indices, 2/4
B+ Tree Indices, 2/9
Relational Operators I, 2/11 and SQL examples, DDL and DML
Relational Operators II (Joins), 2/14
Relational Query Optimization I, 2/16
Relational Query Optimization II, 2/18
Concurrency Control I, 2/23
Concurrency Control II, 2/25
Recovery I, 2/28
Recovery II, 3/1
Object Database Introduction, 3/3 and Object Database Logical Modeling (optional, for your edification)
Object Database Queries, 3/6 and some OQL queries
Review, 3/8