Intermediate programming Concepts and Tools

University of Washington, Autumn 2020

Dec 2

Supporting Ed now!

Hi everyone,

In addition to discord, we will now be using Ed as an additional option for course communication!

You can access Ed here:

Course staff are still fully supporting discord.

On discord, TAs have been finding that student issues get easily buried in the homework channels and it is hard to ensure we’ve fully answered all the questions. Ed has a more traditional discussion board style that supports multiple threads on the same topic, so we hope that offering this option will be a benefit to everyone in the course :)

You may ask questions either on Discord or on Ed, course staff will be monitoring both. We hope that the thread feature in Ed will make assignment related questions easier to navigate. Tickets in discord is still the best way to get a private question answered by TAs that includes code you cannot share with other students.

If you don’t have access to Ed, please let us know asap so we can add you.

Oct 27

Week 4 Student Survey

Please fill out this Week 4 student survey as soon as possible. We truly appreciate your input. Thanks!

Oct 9

Introducing Ticket Bot!

Ticket bot has its own discord channel, in the Get Help category.

Possible use cases:

  • You want to schedule a meeting with course staff outside of office hours
  • You want to ask a question on a private discord channel where you can message back and forth with course staff (not at a scheduled time)

How to use:

  1. Go to the #ticket-bot channel.
  2. Click the envelope emoji to create a ticket. This will generate a private channel that only you and the course staff can access, with a name like #ticket-0007. Inside the channel is an embedded ticket object with a lock emoji.
  3. Message right away in the new channel to tell course staff your request.
  4. Course staff will respond.
  5. When the issue has been addressed to your satisfaction, click the lock emoji, and the channel will be deleted.

Note: Just for fun, you may test out the ticket bot by clicking the envelope emoji. But if you don’t have a question, please click the lock right away to close your ticket.

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Week 1

We 09/30

Intro to Linux

pdf, pptx
Fr 10/02

Meet the Linux Shell

pdf, pptx

Released Exercise 0: Intro to Linux


Week 2

Mo 10/05

Running Programs in the Shell

pdf, pptx
We 10/07

Working with grep and redirects

pdf, pptx

Released Exercise 1: Working with the Shell


Released Exercise 2: Variables and Aliases


Released Exercise 3: Working with Files

Fr 10/09

Scripting with Bash

pdf, pptx

Week 3

Mo 10/12


pdf, pptx
We 10/14

Intro to C Programming

pdf, pptx
Fr 10/16

Intro to C Programming

pdf, pptx

Week 4

Mo 10/19

C Pointers

pdf, pptx
We 10/21

Dynamic Memory Allocation

pdf, pptx
Fr 10/23

Dynamic Memory Allocation Continued

pdf, pptx

Week 5

Mo 10/26

Structs and Multi File in C

pdf, pptx
We 10/28

Multi File in C

pdf, pptx
Fr 10/30


pdf, pptx

Week 6

Mo 11/02

Debugging in C

pdf, pptx
We 11/04

Testing in C

pdf, pptx
Fr 11/06

Memory Architecture

pdf, pptx

Week 7

Mo 11/09


pdf, pptx
Fr 11/13


pdf, pptx

Week 8

Mo 11/16


pdf, pptx
We 11/18

C++ Continued…

pdf, pptx
Fr 11/20

C++ Inheritance

pdf, pptx

Week 9

Mo 11/23

C++ Inheritance Continued

pdf, pptx
We 11/25

C++ Inheritance

pdf, pptx

Week 10

We 12/02


pdf, pptx
Fr 12/04


pdf, pptx

Week 11

Mo 12/07


pdf, pptx
We 12/09

Concurrency continued

pdf, pptx
Fr 12/11

Careers in tech

pdf, pptx

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