Office Hours

Office Hours instructions:

“Live” office hours

  1. Go to the #office-hours channel in the discord
    • You can think of this as the “waiting room” where you can add your name to the queue to speak to a TA and connect with other students while you are waiting for your turn
  2. Join the Office Hours Lobby voice channel to speak to other students in the waiting room. Feel free to discuss your shared issues while you are waiting.

  3. Fill out the Office Hour Queue form to get added to the waitlist
    • You can see the where you are in the queue here
  4. If a TA sees a group of students with similar questions they may make a separate channel where they can help a group of students at once.

Scheduled help

If you are unable to make any of the pre-scheduled office hour times you are welcome to use Ticket bot on the discord server to talk to the course staff members to answer any questions or address any concerns you have. Ticket bot has its own discord channel, in the Get Help category.

Possible use cases:

  • You want to schedule a meeting with course staff outside of office hours
  • You want to ask a question on a private discord channel where you can message back and forth with course staff (not at a scheduled time)

How to use:

  1. Go to the #ticket-bot channel.
  2. Click the envelope emoji to create a ticket. This will generate a private channel that only you and the course staff can access, with a name like #ticket-0007. Inside the channel is an embedded ticket object with a lock emoji.
  3. Message right away in the new channel to tell course staff your request.
  4. Course staff will respond.
  5. When the issue has been addressed to your satisfaction, click the lock emoji, and the channel will be deleted.

Note: Just for fun, you may test out the ticket bot by clicking the envelope emoji. But if you don’t have a question, please click the lock right away to close your ticket.