Instructions for copying files from remote server to your local machine: This can be done in two ways:

  1. Using FileZilla : If you are using FileZilla software to copy the files, enter the following info to connect to klaatu. Once you are connected you can simply drag and drop files from klaatu to your local machine. Note: Port 22 is used for Secure FTP (SFTP)
    • Host :
    • Username : klaatu username
    • Password : klaatu password
    • Port : 22
  2. Using scp command: While using this command make sure that you are running it on your local machine. Note: -r option is used to transfer directories. Examples:
    • scp /Users/local_user/Destination_directory/
    • scp -r /Users/local_user/Destination_directory/

Homework files:

  1. Homework 1: Intro to bash

  2. Homework 2: Data Plot
  3. Homework 3: myfgrep
  4. Homework 4: Debugging
  5. Homework 5: C++ Classes and Smart Pointers