CSE 373, Spring 2018: Home

Course Announcements

  • The TA-led review session has been moved to Friday June 1st at 5:00pm in EEB 125 to support the TA strike.
  • Final Exam info and practice material have been posted.
  • There will be a TA-led review session in Gowen 301 on Monday June 4th from 4:30pm - 6:30pm.
  • Homework 7 / Partner Project 4: Maze Generator and Solver posted.
    The partner selection form must also be filled out for the assignment.

Upcoming due dates

Note: unless otherwise noted, all assignments are due at 11:59pm.

Homework 7: Maze Generator and Solver


Week 1
Mon, Mar 26: Introduction to ADTs and Data Structures


Suggested reading: Weiss 3.1, 3.2, 3.4

Wed, Mar 28: Implementing ADTs with Stacks and Queues


Suggested reading: Weiss 3.6, 3.7

Fri, Mar 30: Implementing Maps with Linked Lists, Iterators


Suggested reading: Weiss 1.4, 3.3, 3.5

Week 2
Mon, April 2: Testing and Debugging
Wed, April 4: Introduction to Asymptotic Analysis and Function Modeling

Suggested reading: Weiss 1.2, 2.1 - 2.4.2

Thur, April 5: Section 2: asymptotic analysis
Fri, April 6: Modeling Complex Functions

Review Resources: Math review

Suggested reading: Weiss 2.4.3, 2.4.5

Note: Homework 1 due

Week 3
Mon, April 9: Binary Search Trees
Wed, April 11: AVL Trees

Suggested reading: see Monday April 9

Note: Panopto has no sound due to broken mic

Thur, April 12: Section 3: recurrences and AVL Trees
Fri, April 13: Introduction to Hash Tables

Suggested reading: Weiss 5.1-5.5

Week 4
Mon, April 16: Hashing: Open Addressing
Wed, April 18: UML Diagrams and Implementing HashMap
Thur, April 19: Section 4: Dictionaries
Fri, April 21: Implementing AVL Tree
Week 5
Mon, April 23: Computer Memory

suggested reading: Weiss 4.7

Wed, April 25: Midterm Review
Thur, April 26: Section 5: Midterm Review
Fri, April 27: Midterm Exam :)
Week 6
Mon, April 30: B-Trees
Wed, May 2: B-Tree Insertions, Intro Heaps
Thurs, May 3: Section 6: Memory, B-Trees, and Heaps
Fri, May 4: Implementing Heaps and Floyd's buildHeap

Suggested reading: Weiss 6.1 - 6.3

Week 7
Mon, May 7: Sorting
Wed, May 9: Solving Recurrences with Trees and Master Theorem

The last part of this lecture covers the intro to Graphs.

Thurs, May 10: Section 7: Recurrences, Divide-and-Conquer Sorts
Fri, May 11: Implementing Graphs
Week 8
Mon, May 14: Shortest Paths
Wed, May 16: Topological Sort and Strongly Connected Components

Note: unfortunately, the panopto recording started 5 minutes or so into the lecture.

Thurs, May 17: Section 8: Graphs
Fri, May 18: Minimum Spanning Trees
Week 9
Mon, May 21: Disjoint Sets
Wed, May 23: Disjoint Sets with Arrays
Thurs, May 24: Section 9: MSTs, Disjoint Sets, Interview Prep

Note: solutions handout pending. Post on piazza if you want to discuss a problem in the meantime.

Fri, May 25: P and NP
Week 10
Mon, May 28: Memorial Day (no lecture)
Wed, May 30: Exam Review
Thurs, May 31: Section 10: Final Exam Review
Fri, Jun 1: Industry Guest Lecture