CSE 455 Lecture Notes: Winter 2016

Date Lecture Notes in PPT Lecture Notes in PDF Readings
Jan 5
Introduction Introduction None
Jan 7
Filters Filters Shapiro & Stockman 5.4-5.5, Szeliski 3.2, 3.3.1, Forsyth 7.1
Jan 12
Edges and Lines Edges and Lines Shapiro & Stockman 5.6-8 and 10.3.4, Szeliski 4.2.1, Forsyth 5.2.1

Transformations Transformations Shapiro & Stockman 11.1-4, Szeliski 2.1.1-2
Jan 14
Color, Texture, Segmentation Color, Texure, Segmentation Shapiro & Stockman Ch 6, 7, and 10.1
Jan 19
Interest Operators Interest Operators Szeliski 4.1.1, Harris paper, and SIFT paper
Jan 21
Descriptors Descriptors Szeliski 4.1.2-4.1.3, SIFT paper
Jan 26
Image Stitching I; ink Image Stitching I Szeliski 6.1
Jan 28
Image Stitching II; Kadir Entropy Operator Image Stitching II; Kadir Entropy Operator Szeliski 6.1; Kadir paper
Feb 2
Object Recognition by Parts; Content-Based Image Retrieval Object Recognition by Parts; Content-Based Image Retrieval Shapiro & Stockman Ch 8; Fergus paper
Feb 4
Shapiro and Stockman Ch 13; Szeliski 2.1
Feb 9
Stereo; ink
Shapiro and Stockman Ch 12; Szeliski Ch 11
Feb 11
Shapiro and Stockman 13.9; Szeliski 11.6.1
Feb 16
Motion/Optical Flow; ink
Motion/Optical Flow
Pyramid Paper; Ming Ye's paper

Motion Layers
Motion Layers
Motion Layers Paper
Feb 18
Intro to Machine Learning; ink; Information Gain
Intro to Machine Learning; Information Gain
some material in Shapiro and Stockman Ch 4, rest is scattered; error ellipse
Feb 23 MODIFIED Feb 24
Viola-Jones paper; Assignment 4 Notes;
Feb 25
Face Recognition;
Face Recognition
Shapiro and Stockman 14.4.4; Szeliski 14.2
Mar 1
Object Recognition; ink
Object Recognition;
Generative/Discriminative Classification; HOG paper; Deformable Parts paper
Mar 3
Convolutional Neural Nets; ink
Convolutional Neural Nets;
RCNN paper
Mar 8
Guest Lectures> Latte paper; Tom Hanks paper
Mar 10
Deepali's Lecture Going over Final Exam And Evaluations with CELT
Mar 15
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