CSE 444 Lecture Slides

Spring 1999

Slides are originally in Microsoft Powerpoint (PP) format (.ppt). This is the definitive version. Sometimes even after other versions are made I may go back and fiddle with the lecture in Powerpoint.

If you have PP installed on your computer: you can save the file and then open it with PP. You can also set your browser to automatically start the PP application when a .ppt file is read. In Windows 95/NT, PP can be run stand-alone or (and this is pretty cool) as an embedded OLE object, as if it were part of the browser; right-click the mouse once the object is loaded.

If you don't have PP on your computer:  There are some PowerPoint viewers.   For example, the latest version of QuickView Plus can display .ppt files.  If you find a free viewer, please send e-mail to the class mailing list.

[9/29/97] In the Sieg 323 lab, PP was installed on one computer I tried, but it's really hard to find. The following ridiculous path leads to it: c:\MsOffice\Microsoft Office\Office\Powerpnt.exe 

In case what you want has not been posted yet: the slides used in Autumn 1997 are very similar to these.

Introduction and WelcomePowerpointHTML.

What is a Database?  Powerpoint.   HTML.

Data Modeling Concepts. Powerpoint.   HTML.

The Relational Model.  Powerpoint.   HTML.

Mapping E/R to Relational.  Powerpoint.   HTML.

Relational AlgebraPowerpoint.   HTML.

SQL (examples at end).  Powerpoint.   HTML.

Relational CalculusPowerpoint.   HTML.

Relational Design and NormalizationPowerpoint.   HTML.

More NormalizationPowerpoint.   HTML.

Transaction Processing OverviewPowerpoint.   HTML.

SerializationPowerpoint.   HTML.

Concurrency TechniquesPowerpoint.   HTML.

RecoveryPowerpoint.   HTML.

StoragePowerpoint.   HTML.

IndexingPowerpoint.   HTML.

Query Processing and OptimizationPowerpoint.   HTML.

Object-Database SystemsPowerpoint.   HTML.