CSE 588: Networks, Spring 1999

Instructor: Thomas Anderson, tom@cs
TA: Neil Spring, nspring@cs

Lecture: W 630-920, EE1 003
Section (optional): Tuesday, 8pm-9pm, EE1 003, Redwest F/1002, ask about the Intel location.

The Syllabus

Programming Assignments

Project 1, due April 26th. Performance CDF is here in broken postscript (I'll fix it) Try gif, it should be friendlier to your browser.
Project 2, due May 24th.
Project 3, due June 11th. - optional: do either the third programming assignment or the final project.
A patch to make project3 work on a local machine not connected to the outside (or behind a firewall) is available in zip format. (Unix folk don't need this) Documentation is in the mailing list archive.

Homework Assignments

Homework 1: doc html, solution: ps
Homework 2: doc html, solution: 4Mb version, or 160K version (missing graphic)
Homework 3 doc html will be due June 1.
Project Ideas Handout: doc html - optional: do either the third programming assignment or the final project. Final project due June 11th.
Completed final projects

Lecture Slides

Paper Reviews

To submit a review, send mail to cse588-papers@cs.washington.edu.
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Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10

Mailing list

send mail to majordomo@cs containing subscribe cse588 yourmailaddress
browse the archive of messages

Discussion Section Slides

These are the slides from tuesday night discussion sections. They aren't self explanatory, but put here by popular demand.

Lecture notes from the undergrad networking class (if your networking background is weak) can be found here. There's also a brief review of the OSI seven layer model.

You might find this graph interesting. MAE stands for Metropolitan Area Exchange, and its the top level of the internet routing hierarchy. This is a graph of incoming bits to San Francisco.

Some Java links to help you learn Java or to use as reference.

Windows software for viewing and printing postscript files can be found here, or from the GSview web page.

The lecture archive is now online.


But send mail to nspring first.