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 Parallel Computing
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 Programming with ZPL
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CSE 596 - Parallel Computation

General Information

Autumn Quarter 2002
Mondays, 6:30 - 9:20pm, EE01 003 (may change)
Professor: Larry Snyder (snyder@cs)
TA: Adam Carlson (carlson@cs)

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Date Topic/Readings/Assignments (readings/assignments are due on this date; click on topic for slides (in ppt))
Sep. 30 Topic: Administrivia, Introduction to Parallel Computation (Slides:powerpoint html pdf 2up)
No reading
Oct. 7 Topic: Models in Parallel Computation (Slides:powerpoint html pdf 2up)
Reading: Lawrence Snyder Type Architecture, Shared Memory and the Corollary of Modest Potential, Annual Review of Comupter Science 1986, Annual Reviews 1:289-317
Reference: Robert van de Geijn and Jerrell Watts "SUMMA: Scalable Universal Matrix Multiplication Algorithm", Concurrency: Practice and Experience, Vol 9 (4), pp. 255-274 (April 1997) (also in pdf)
Oct. 14 Topic: Handling Memory Problems (Slides:powerpoint html pdf 2up)
Reading: Clyde P. Kruskal, Larry Rudolph and Marc Snir Efficient Synchronization on Multiprocessors with Shared Memory ACM Trans. on Programming Languages and Systems 10(4):579-601 1988
Oct. 21 Topic: Symmetric Multiprocessors (Slides:powerpoint html pdf 2up)
Oct. 28 Topic: Shared Memory Without a Bus (Slides:powerpoint html pdf 2up)
Nov. 4 Topic: ZPL Basics (Slides:powerpoint html pdf 2up)
Nov. 11 Veteran's Day - No Class
Nov. 18 Topic: Performance Model of ZPL (Slides:powerpoint html pdf 2up)
Readings: ZPLs WYSIWYG Performance Model(pdf)
Problem Space Promotion and Its Evaluation as a Technique for Efficient Parallel Computation(pdf)
Nov. 25 Topic: The Parallel Runtime (Slides:powerpoint html pdf 2up)
Dec. 2 Topic: Interprocessor Communciation (Slides:powerpoint html pdf 2up)
Dec. 9 Topic:Summary of Parallel Computation (Slides:powerpoint html pdf 2up)

Other papers:

Programming in ZPL

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