CSE P 501 Spring 2018
Lecture Topics

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March 27 Overview, regexps and scanners
slides: overview, regexp annotated slides: overview, regexp
April 3 Grammars & LR parsing
slides: grammars, LR parsing, annotated slides: grammars, LR parsing
April 10 LR construction, LL parsing, AST/visitor
slides: LR, LL. AST; annotated slides: LR LL AST
April 17 Semantics
slides, annotated slides
April 24 x86-64, codeshape
slides: x86-64, code 1; annotated slides: x86-64, code 1
May 1 Codeshape (concl.); optimizations overview
slides: code 2, IRs, opt, xform; annotated slides: code 2, IRs, opt (some 18sp annotated slides were lost, 16wi copies are posted instead)
May 8 Transformations, value numbering, dataflow
slides: xform, vn, dataflow; annotated slides: xform, vn, dataflow
May 15 Loops, SSA, Project codegen
slides: loops ssa, codegen; annotated slides: loops ssa, codegen
May 22 Compiler back end, exam review
slides: selection, scheduling, registers; annotated slides: selection, scheduling, registers
May 29 Potpourri: inlining, dynamic languages, memory models, GC & admin
slides: inline, dynamic, mem, gc, admin