Data Structures and Parallelism

University of Washington, Winter 2020

Mar 6

Moving learning and assessment online

HW 9: Contraction Hierarchies and EX 7: Concurrency were released earlier today. The course will be moving entirely online starting next week. Instead of in-person office hours, office hours will be made available via Zoom. A pre-recorded lecture video has been prepared by Josh Hug for Programming the World. (You’ll enjoy it!) There will also be a video for Computational Complexity at a later date. Quiz section next Thursday will be held online via Zoom.

After consulting with the school and listening to your feedback, we’ve decided to cancel the final exam. No other assignments or assessments will take its place.

Perhaps you have questions about how your final grade will be computed. At this time, the staff is focused on helping everyone achieve the highest possible understanding and grades on the remaining assignments, so we don’t have answers to those questions. Office hours this week will be hosted on Zoom at the regularly-scheduled times, and quiz sections on Thursday will also be converted to additional office hours.

If you’d like to redo one programming homework assignment without lateness penalty, use the end-of-quarter extension provided in the syllabus. Regrade requests for mismarked rubric items are open for written exercises through Saturday night.

A word on the coronavirus situation. It’s okay to feel nervous. It’s also okay to feel anxious about the future. The more people who are concerned about the danger of coronavirus, the less dangerous it becomes. But too much concern can also negatively influence mental health. If you would like to talk with someone, support is available through Let’s Talk and Hall Health.

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