Table of contents

  1. Reflection
  2. Response

Complete the following tasks by posting to Campuswire and then submitting to Gradescope.


Reflect on a real-world technology or technical decision using the framework developed in the Software Engineering lecture and reading. In your reflection, reference at least one relevant opinion or resource not discussed in class. Assume that your reader is not familiar with the technology, so make sure to include the necessary background information and context.

As a guideline, aim to address the prompt in about 250–500 words. If your reflection is significantly longer than 500 words, post the full reflection to Campuswire but submit a shorter abstract to Gradescope. You may also optionally publish your reflection online.


Respond to at least one other student’s reflection on Campuswire. Sort student responses by newest first. Make sure that your response:

  1. Clearly connects to the ideas in the reflection as well as the overarching prompt of evaluating the impacts of our technical decisions.
  2. Adds to the conversation by contributing a new perspective, refining an existing idea, or critiquing a perspective.
  3. Respects the author’s perspective. Follow the principle of charity: consider the best and strongest possible interpretation.