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CSE 573 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Winter 2019
Mon, Wed 1:30-2:50pm in JHN 111
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Instructor: Hanna Hajishirzi (Paul Allen Center 470) (hannaneh at washington dot edu)
Office hours: Wed 10:30am-11:30am, or by email
TA: Dae Lee (dhlee4 at uw dot edu)
Office hours: Mon Noon-1:00pm in CSE 007, or by email.
James Ferguson (jfferg at uw dot edu)
Office hours: Tue 2:00pm-3:00pm in CSE 220, or by email.
Svetoslav Kolev (swetko at uw dot edu)
Office hours: Thu 1:00pm-2:00pm in CSE 220, or by email.


Date Topics & Lecture Notes Readings Assignments
January 7 Introduction and Agents
R&N Ch. 2; (Optional Ch 1)
January 9 Problem Spaces, Search (through A*)
R&N Ch. 3; try this cool interactive search visualization
January 14 Heuristic Generation, Local Search
R&N Ch. 4
January 16 Local Search/Adversarial Search - Minimax
(slides: local search,adversarial search)
R&N Ch. 5 PS1 Due: Jan 18th
January 21 NO CLASS - Martin Luther King Day
January 23 Alpha-beta pruning/Complex Games
(slides: Alpha-beta,Expectimax)
R&N Ch. 5
January 28 Expectimax/Complex Games/MDPs
(slides: Expectimax,MDP)
R&N Ch 17 thru 17.3
January 30 Markov Decision Process(slides) R&N Chapter 15 thru 15.3 (review 13 if necessary) PS2 Due
February 6 MDPs (Value Iteration)(slides) R&N Ch 15 thru 15.3 Quiz 1
February 11 MDPs-Reinforcement Learning (Video)(slides: MDPs)(Calculations: MDP calculations ) R&N Ch 21 thru 21.3
February 13 Reinforcement Learning (Slides) R&N Ch 21 thru 21.3 Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning
February 18 NO CLASS - Presidents Day
February 20 RL/Deep Reinforcement Learning ( Slides) Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning PS3 Due
February 25 Deep RL ( Slides)/Probabilistic Inference ( Slides)Extra reading for Deep RL for interested students R&N Sections 15.3 and 15.5
February 27 HMMs/HMM Filtering (Slides) R&N Chapter 14 thru 14.4, Equations for Part of Speech Tagging Final Project Part 1 Due: Mar 1st
March 4 HMM Filtering (Slides) R&N Sections 14.4 & 14.5 Paper report due
March 6 HMM Filtering (Slides) PS4 Due: March 8th
March 11 Bayes Net Inference (Slides) Quiz 2 (released March 8th, due March 11 before class)
March 13 Review
March 14 (12-2pm) Poster presentation + Pizza Final Project Due

Programming Projects

This quarter, we will use the excellent Berkeley Pac-Man Projects originally developed by John DeNero and Dan Klein. Please complete the versions listed below, as they differ in places from the originals. Use Python 2.x. Deposit homework in the dropbox.

Final Project

For the final project, we will explore navigation and finding objects in scenes in the AI2-THOR simulator using deep reinforcement learning algorithms. You can also present your own project if it is related to the course material. Please submit a 1-page summary of your project proposal by the same deadline as the Part I report. due Friday 3/1 at 11:59pm.

Paper Report

Read the following papers for the paper report: Check here for the details. Deposit the paper report to the dropbox


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