1 March 28

Introduction (pdf, ppt)

Filtering and sampling (pdf, ppt)

Edge detection (pdf, ppt)

Filtering: Szeliski (Sections 3.2, 3.3.1)

Sampling: Szeliski (Sections 3.5.1, 3.5.2)

Edge detection: Szeliski (Sections 4.2, 4.3)

2 April 4

Geometric transformations (pdf, ppt)

Interest point detection (pdf, ppt)

Patch descriptors (pdf, ppt)

Geometric transformations: Szeliski (Sections, 2.1, 3.6)

Interest points and descriptors: Szeliski (Section 4.1)

3 April 11

Image formation (pdf, ppt)



Segmentation (pdf, ppt)

Image formation: Szeliski (Sections 2.1.5, 2.1.6)

Cameras: Szeliski (Sections 2.2, 2.3)

Segmentation: Szeliski (Section 5)

4 April 18 (Rick)

Image stitching (pdf, ppt)

Structure from motion (pdf, ppt)

Photosynth (pdf, ppt)

Alignment: Szeliski (Section 6.1)

Creating panoramas (Section 9)

Structure from motion (Section 7)

First assignment due:

Image filtering and detecting edges.

5 April 25

Computational Photography (pdf, ppt)

         High dynamic range imaging


         Alpha matting/compositing

         Blur removal

         Poisson blending

Computational photography: Szeliski (Section 10)

6 May 2

Stereo vision (pdf, ppt)

Optical flow (pdf, ppt)

Stereo: Szeliski (Section 11)

Optical flow: Szeliski (Section 8)

Second assignment due:

Detecting interest points and creating panoramas.

7 May 9

Image-based rendering (pdf, ppt)

3D reconstruction (pdf, ppt, web)

Image-based rendering: Szeliski (Section 13)

3D reconstruction: Szeliski (Section 12)

8 May 16

Large scale matching (pdf , ppt)

Object recognition Part 1 (pdf, ppt)

Object recognition: Szeliski (Section 14)

Third assignment due:

Stereo vision.

9 May 23

Object recognition Part 2 (pdf, ppt)

Template matching (pdf)

Object recognition: Szeliski (Section 14)

10 May 30

No classes

11 June 6

Kinect (pdf, ppt)

Advanced topics (pdf, ppt)

Fourth assignment due:

Face detection