Class Schedule


Date Topic and Slides Recommended Readings Assignments
Week 1
09/25/2019 Course overview [slides] [worksheet] None
09/27/2019 Introduction to security [slides] [worksheet] Daswani, Chapter 1
Week 2
09/30/2019 Software security: Buffer overflows [slides] [worksheet] Daswani, Chapter 6
10/02/2019 Guest Speaker: David Aucsmith [worksheet] None
10/04/2019 Software security: Buffer overflows continued [slides] [worksheet] HW 1
Week 3
10/07/2019 Software security: Buffer overflows continued [slides] [worksheet]
10/09/2019 Software security: Buffer overflows continued, and beyond [slides] [worksheet]
10/11/2019 Intro to cryptography [slides] [worksheet] Lab 1 Checkpoint
Week 4
10/14/2019 Guest Speaker: Peter Ney dnasec paper (USENIX '17), SeaGlass (cellular survelliance)
10/16/2019 Cryptography Continued (Symmetric, Asymmetric) [slides] [worksheet] Daswani, Chapter 12 and 13
10/18/2019 Cryptography Continued (OTP, Stream and Block Ciphers) [slides] [worksheet]
Week 5
10/21/2019 Guest Lecture: Karl Koscher on Automotive Cyber Security [worksheet] Comprehensive Experimental Analyses of Automotive Attack Surfaces (USENIX '01)
10/23/2019 Guest Lecture: Ivan Evtimov on Adversarial Machine Learning [slides] Robust Physical-World Attacks on Deep Learning Visual Classification (CVPR '18)
10/25/2019 Cryptography Continued [slides] [worksheet] Lab 1 Final Submission
Week 6
10/28/2019 Guest Lecture: Emily McReynolds on Privacy and Policy
10/30/2019 Cryptography Continued (Asymmetric, MACs, Hashing) [slides] [worksheet] Daswani, Chapter 15.1-15.2
11/01/2019 Cryptography Continued (HMAC, Commitment Schemes, RSA-OEAP) [slides] [worksheet]
Week 7
11/04/2019 Diffie-Hellman, Intro to Web Security [slides] [worksheet] Daswani, Chapter 7
11/06/2019 Browser Security [slides] [worksheet] Daswani, Chapter 10
11/08/2019 CRSF and Certificates [slides] [worksheet] Project Checkpoint
Week 8
11/11/2019 No class: Veterans Day
11/13/2019 Authentication [slides] [worksheet]
11/15/2019 Web Tracking [slides] [worksheet] HW 2
Week 9
11/18/2019 Side Channel Attacks [slides] [worksheet]
11/20/2019 Anonymity [slides] [worksheet]
11/22/2019 Guest Speaker: Charlie Reis (Google) Lab 2, Final Project Checkpoint #2
Week 10
11/27/2019 No class, please complete at-home worksheet and submit by Dec. 2nd on Canvas
11/29/2019 No class: Thanksgiving Holiday
Week 11
12/02/2019 Mobile Security [slides] [worksheet]
12/04/2019 Physical Security and Social Engineering [slides] [worksheet]
12/06/2019 Lab 3