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Lecture recordings can be found through Panopto on Canvas. We recommend that you treat the recordings as a supplement to going to lecture (or if you have to miss one day) rather than using the recordings as a replacement to going to lecture.

All section materials can be found on Ed under the Lessons tab.

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  • folder 06-20

    No School

    Juneteenth (observed)

  • folder 06-21

    Section 1: 142 review

  • folder 06-28

    Section: Bad ArrayIntList

  • folder 07-04

    No Lecture

    4th of July

  • folder 07-05

    Section: List Nodes

  • folder 07-12

    Section: Recursive Tracing

  • folder 07-22

    Midterm during lecture

  • folder 07-26

    Section: Recursive Backtracking I

  • folder 08-02

    Section: Binary Trees I

  • folder 08-18

    Final Part I during section

  • folder 08-19

    Final Part II during lecture