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staff icon Taylor Ka (she/her) taylorka Hi, I'm Taylor! I'm from Bellevue, WA and just wrapped up my BS/MS in Computer Science here at UW. After TAing for this class for 11 quarters, I'm super excited to be your instructor this summer! Here are some random things I've been up to: crocheting amigurumi, going to ballet class, flying kites, waking up at 3am to go on a sunrise hike, and cuddling with my two cats :)
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AD, AG staff icon Anju Lam (she/her) anjulam Hi, I'm Anju! I'm from Malaysia and I'm a rising junior majoring in CS. Outside of school, I like to bake, watch anime, and hangout with friends. I also really enjoy cafe hopping so hit me up if you ever want to catch coffee together! This will be my third quarter TAing and I'm super excited to get to know all of you :)
AF staff icon Chloe Fong (she/her) cf2024 Chloe is usually a very
Happy person who
Likes to eat and sleep and watch TV
Or spend time being a busy TA and is
Excited for a fun quarter in CSE 143!
AH staff icon Jolie Zhou (she/her) joliez Hi, I'm Jolie! I'm a sophomore and this is my first quarter TAing 143. I love playing Mini Metro, crocheting amigurumi, and baking (but unfortunately something always goes wrong so I end up making extremely suspicious foods). Looking forward to meeting everyone (*'-'*)/
AE staff icon Kimi Locke (she/her) klocke0 Hi, I'm Kimi! I'm an incoming fourth year in Computer Science, and this will be my fifth quarter TAing- but first quarter TAing in person! I like to fill my time with singing, praying with my friends from Asian American InterVarsity, and speed-based card games (I will beat you [gently] in Pounce). I'm so excited to meet you all, and here's to a great summer quarter! <3
staff icon May Wang (she/her) maywangg Hi, I'm May! I'm from Alberta, Canada, and I'm currently studying computer science. I love listening to music, watching Netflix, hanging out with my pets, and drinking bubble tea (0% sugar and double pearls). I'm excited to TA 143 again this quarter!
AC staff icon Mia Yamada-Heidner (she/her) miayh Hi! I'm Mia and I'm a sophomore majoring in CS and minoring in Chinese. This will be my second time TA-ing for 143. In my free time, I enjoy baking, listening to music and podcasts, and binging TV (I've recently been obsessed with Seinfeld). Looking forward to a great quarter with you all!
staff icon Mitchell Levy (he/him) mlevy1 Hey everyone! I'm very excited to help out with CSE 143 this summer! I've previously TAd for CSE 333, the Allen School's C/C++ course; as a fun fact, C is actually my favorite programming language. Feel free to ask me any questions related to 143 or C/C++ if you're curious :)
staff icon Parker Gustafson pgusto34 What's up, 143 squad! My name is Parker, and this is my second quarter TAing 143. I love hiking, Computer Science, and Tacobell- the BEST fast-food location. I'll be doing a lot of grading this quarter, so feel free to send me an email at if you have any rubric or assessment inquiries. Cheers!
AA staff icon Raymond Berry (he/him) berryr5 Hi! My name is Raymond, and I just graduated from uw with a BS in Computer Science. After summer I plan to move down to California, so if there is anything I have to do / try in Seattle before leaving let me know :). I also love board games and game design, so I would love to hear you gush about your favorite games, or give me any recommendations. (board or video games)
AB staff icon Yafqa Khan (he/him) yafqak I'm a second-year in computer engineering and I'm excited to TA for 143! I'm from Kent, WA and I like reading and taking walks in my free time. Feel free to drop by my IPL hours to chat about anything CSE related.