CSEP524: Parallel Computation


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Instructor: Brad Chamberlain (bradc)
TA: Brandon Myers (bdmyers)

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Lectures: Tuesdays 6:30-9:20pm (Mary Gates Hall 231)
Office Happy Hour (Brad and Brandon): Tuesdays following lecture at a nearby pub (or other venue that you suggest)
Office hours by appointment (Brandon)

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Lin & Snyder, Principles of Parallel Programming
2nd printing: preferable due to bug fixes
1st printing: Errata available here

Course Description





Assignment #1 (due before class 1/15/13)
Note: As announced in class, you don't need to do the Chapel portion of question 5 this week since we didn't get to it in lecture. We will likely do it next week if you'd like to work ahead independently.

Assignment #2 (due before class 1/22/13)
treeSearch.chpl (starting point for question 2)
Notes/clarifications for Assignment #2 (edited 1/21, 8:45am -- search on 'added')

Assignment #3 (due before class 1/29/13)
Boehm: Threads Cannot be Implemented as a Library (requires CSE NetID)
Bounded buffer code (tar.gz) or (zip)
Notes/clarifications for Assignment #3 (edited 1/24, 1:16pm)

Assignment #4 (due before class 2/5/13)
Update: Problem 5, part d ("use a d-ary tree") is now completely optional and will not be graded
Notes/clarifications (edited 2/2) for Assignment #4
MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters
userDefReduce.chpl (starting point for problem 4) Updated 1/30 to fix signatures of combine() methods
reduction.chpl (starting point for problem 5)

Makefile Required to compile code for problems 4 and 5

Assignment #5 (due before class 2/12/13) Q2 updated/clarified, Feb 7th
Notes/clarifications for Assignment #5 Updated Feb 9th
LogP: Towards a realistic model of parallel computation
Code Starting Points (tar.gz, zip)

Assignment #6 (due before class 2/26/13) Reading assignment duedate corrected Feb 13
Notes/clarifications (edited 2/16) for Assignment #6
Technology-Driven, Highly-Scalable Dragonfly Topology; Kim, Dally, Scott, Abts; ISCA'08
Setup MPI
manual-mpi-reduce.c (starting point for Q2)
stencil9-mpi.c (starting point for Q3)
Makefile Must minimally build the solution code with this
README Instructions on building and running

Assignment #7 (due before class 3/5)
Notes on Assignment #7: See sticky conversations on message board (they made more sense in context)
Chapel multilocale setup (tar, zip) (includes README.csep524.multiloc for setting up Chapel to use multiple Locales)
hw7 code (tar, zip) (includes README)

Final Project (next step: fill out survey below to propose topic/date by Feb 23rd)
Survey for proposing topic and presentation date
List of potential study topics for consideration (feel free to propose your own topic, or to propose topics that should be on this list for others to consider)
Draft Schedule of Dates/Topics
March 12th Presentation Order
March 19th Presentation Order
Final Reports and Presentations:
GPU Programming Models:
Parallelism in Mainstream Languages:
Parallelism/Concurrency in Javascript
Multithreaded Programming Models
Parallelism at Microsoft
Recent Concurrent Languages
  • Go (Jordan) [slides | report]
  • Rust (Krishnamurthy) [slides | report]
  • (see also "Task Parallelism in X10, Rust, Haskell" below)
Parallelism in Functional Languages:
Graph Computing
HPC Languages
Implementation Techniques
  • Dynamic Load Balancing via Work Stealing (Tamulonis) [slides | report]
  • Lighweight Threading (Weiner) [slides | report]
  • Static Verification of Deadlock Freedom (Spishak) [slides | report]
Transactional Memory
Programming Projects

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