Steam-powered Turing Machine University of Washington Department of Computer Science & Engineering
CSEP 573 - Applications of Artificial Intelligence - Spring 2014
Thursday 6:30-9:20 in MGH 231
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Instructor: Ali Farhadi (aliat cs dot washington dot edu)
Office hours: TBA
TA: Dun-Yu Hsiao (dyhsiao at cs dot washington dot edu)
Office hours: TBA

Schedule [subject to change!]

Week Dates Topics & Lecture Notes Readings
1 April 3 Introduction; Blind Search R&N, Ch. 1,2 (optional); R&N Ch.3.1-3.4
2 April 10 Heuristic Search; Adversarial Search I R&N, Ch.3.5-3.7; 5.1-5.4
3 April 17 Adversarial Search II; Expectimax; MDP R&N, Ch.5.5-5.7;17.1-17.3
4 April 24 MDP (cont.); Reinforcement Learning R&N, Ch.21.1- 21.5
5 May 1 Reinforcement Learning (cont.); Uncertainty R&N, Ch.13
6 May 8 Uncertainty (cont.); Markov Models R&N, Ch.15.1
7 May 15 Hidden Markov Models; Inference in HMM; Particle Filtering R&N, Ch.15.1-15.3
8 May 22 Bayesian Networks; Independence in Bayesian Networks; Inference in Bayesian Netwroks R&N, Ch.14.1-14.5
9 May 29 Samplling in Bayesian Networks Naive Bayes; Perceptron R&N,

Course Administration and Policies


Programming Projects

This quarter, we will do The Pac-Man Projects. Please complete the versions listed below, as they differ in places from the originals.

Written Homeworks

Final Exam

Final exam is out! Please check your email or dropbox. You have to submit your answer before Sunday 6/8 11:59pm


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