Lecture Notes and Applets

Each lecture is provided in PDF format. In addition, the "extras" column contains links to relevant web pages and applets.

Lecture Slides Additional Handouts Extras
Displays and framebuffers 1pp 4pp Vector Displays, Raster Displays
LCD Displays, OLED Displays
LCD Monitor Deconstruction (YouTube)
Image processing 1pp 4pp Image processing text Continuous 1D Convolution
Discrete 1D convolution, Snoop, YIQ filtering
Photoshop plugin for bilateral filter
Affine transformations 1pp 4pp Change of basis,
Affine Transformation Game  
Hierarchical modeling 1pp 4pp Hierarchy of transformations,
Robot Arm Example
Surfaces of revolution 1pp 4pp
Shading 1pp 4pp OpenGL shading applet,
Szymon's BRDF viewer
Texture mapping 1pp 4pp Texture Mapping Primitives,
Marble Applet,
Projections 1pp 4pp Hitchcock Effect
Ray tracing 1pp 4pp Ray tracing text, Triangle intersections
Photon Mapping, Reflection/Refraction Applet
Anti-aliased, accelerated,
Monte Carlo ray tracing
1pp 4pp Nyquist Limit
Parametric curves 1pp 4pp Tcl/Tk curve demos, Bezier Curves,
B-Splines, Curve Interpolation,
C2 interpolating curves
Particle Systems 1pp 4pp Differential equation basics,
Particle system dynamics
Particle-Dreams, Cloth, Fish, Snake, Cloth Demo, Soda Constructor
Parametric surfaces 1pp 4pp Bezier patch interactive demonstration
Subdivision curves
and surfaces
1pp 4pp Subdivision text Triangular Subdivision Surfaces
Pixar video explanation
Animation principles 1pp 4pp Lasseter paper on animation principles Perlin Walkers, Pixar Shorts
Final exam notes 1pp