CSE 521p: Applied Algorithms (Winter 2019)

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Instructor: Anna Karlin, CSE 594, tel. 543 9344
Time: Thursdays, 6:30 -- 9:20pm in CSE305
Office hours:  By appointment -- send email.

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If you are having trouble logging into the discussion board: Try logging into gmail.uw.edu using your UW NetID. Then go to the Groups App. The class group should appear under "My Groups". (If this still doesn't work, send Anna email.)

Course evaluation: 4-5 homeworks, mix of programming and theoretical exercises (~60%), project (~40%).

About this course:
We will study the design and analysis of algorithms from a modern perspective with a particular focus on techniques that find use in many subfields of computer science. The modern perspective means that there will be extensive use of randomization and approximation. Topics are likely to include hashing (e.g., perfect hashing, load balancing, consistent hashing, bloom filters, applications to streaming), data with distances (similarity search, nearest neighbor, dimension reduction, locality sensitive hashing), linear algebraic techniques such as principal components analysis, linear programming and basics of convex optimization and decision making under uncertainty. etc. The material will overlap significantly with this wonderfully cool class at Stanford.

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