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 CSEP 521 - Applied Algorithms - Spring 2005
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Thursday, 6:30 - 9:20 pm, EE1 037

CSEP 521 E-mail Announcements

We will periodically send out important information via email to the course email group. To subscribe to the group, you should visit the list home page, http://mailman.cs.washington.edu/mailman/listinfo/csep521 to add yourself, or you can use the email interface to subscribe. Email to csep521-request@cs with the word "help" in the subject will return a message listing all of the email command options. You can also vist the list archives by clicking on the very first URL on the list "home page", or by clicking here. Please note that we will use this group as an announcement list only; if you have a homework question or some other topic that you'd like to discuss with your fellow students, do so on the course message board (described below).

CSEP 521 Message Board

Use the discussion board to ask questions and consult with each other about the homework and anything else related to class. Here are instructions on how to use the message board.


Assignments are due each Thursday at the beginning of class (late assignments not accepted without prior approval).

Assignment 1 due April 7, 2005
Assignment 2 due April 14, 2005
Assignment 3 due April 21, 2005
Assignment 4 due April 28, 2005
Assignment 5 due May 5, 2005
Assignment 6 due May 12, 2005
Assignment 7 due May 19, 2005
Assignment 8 due May 26, 2005


Please read the project description. The project proposal is due April 21st and the final report is due June 2nd.
List of projects


3/28/05 - 4/3/05 Chapters 21,22,23,24 of CLRS
4/4/05 - 4/10/05 Chapters 34,35 of CLRS
4/11/05 - 4/17/05 Chapter 26 of CLRS
4/18/05 - 4/24/05 Chapters 29 of CLRS
4/25/05 - 5/1/05 Chapter 16.3 of CLRS
5/2/05 - 5/8/05 No reading beyond the class notes
5/9/05 - 5/15/05 No reading beyond the class notes
5/16/05 - 5/22/05 Chapter 33 of CLRS
5/23/05 - 5/29/05 Chapter 15 of CLRS


Lecture 1: Course Introduction, Graph Algorithms - Thumbnails, Slides
Lecture 2: Traveling Salesman, NP-Completeness - Thumbnails, Slides
Lecture 3: Maximum Flow - Thumbnails, Slides
Lecture 4: Linear Programming - Thumbnails, Slides
Lecture 5: Statistical Lossless Data Compression - Thumbnails, Slides
Lecture 6: Dictionary Coding - Thumbnails, Slides
Lecture 7: Lossy Image Compression - Thumbnails, Slides
Lecture 8: Computational Geometry - Thumbnails, Slides
Lecture 9: Dynamic Programming, Contiguous Ordering and PQ Trees - Thumbnails, Slides
Lecture 10: Research Projects of Richard Ladner - Thumbnails, Slides
Special Talk: Subset Sum Reduction by Chad Parry - Thumbnails, Slides


The textbook will mainly be used as a resource for the basic algorithms and for some advanced topics.

Introduction to Algorithms, Second Edition
Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein
The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2001
Textbook web page

Algorithm Resources

These resources may be helpful in your studies.


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