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    Lectures will comprise of slides plus white-board based discussions. The schedule of lecture topics and weekly reading assignments can be found here.

Lecture Slides:
04/02/2013   Introduction and Basic Neurobiology
04/04/2013   Neural Encoding Models (Part I)
04/09/2013   Neural Encoding Models (Part II)
04/11/2013   Guest Lecture: Noisy Integration and Signal Detection in Neurons (Fred Rieke)
                     Related Paper
04/16/2013   Neural Decoding and Signal Detection Theory
04/18/2013   Population Decoding and Bayesian Estimation
04/23/2013   Information Theory and Neural Coding
04/25/2013   Biophysical Models of Neurons
04/30/2013   Modeling Synapses and Networks of Neurons
05/02/2013   Guest Lecture: Modeling Visual Cortical Neurons (Wyeth Bair)
05/07/2013   Guest Lecture: Brain-Computer Interfaces (Jeremiah Wander)
05/09/2013   Recurrent Networks
05/14/2013   Plasticity and Learning
05/21/2013   Unsupervised Learning
05/23/2013   From Unsupervised to Reinforcement Learning
05/30/2013   Course Summary

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