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    Textbook: We'll be covering selected topics from the Dayan and Abbott textbook, along with guest lectures on some of these topics from experts here at UW (see schedule below).

Here's a tentative list of topics (chapters refer to the Dayan and Abbott textbook):

  • Basic Neurobiology
  • Neural Encoding: Spikes, Firing Rates, and Encoding Models (Chapters 1-2)
  • Neural Decoding, Signal Detection Theory, and Population Codes (Chapter 3)
  • Information Theory and Neural Coding (Chapter 4)
  • Biophysical Neuron Models and Dendritic Computation (Chapters 5-6)
  • Network Models: Feedforward and Recurrent Networks (Chapter 7)
  • Synaptic Plasticity and Learning (Chapters 8-10)
Many but not necessarily all of these topics will be covered. Here's the current schedule:

Date Topic Reading Presenter
April 2 Introduction and Basic Neurobiology Read lecture slides Raj
April 4 Neural Encoding: Spikes, Tuning Curves, and Linear/Nonlinear Encoding Models Chaps. 1 and 2 Adrienne
April 9 Neural Decoding and Signal Detection Theory Chap. 3 Adrienne
April 11 Guest Lecture: Noisy Integration and Signal Detection in Neurons Read lecture slides Fred Rieke (PBIO)
April 16 Population Codes and Bayesian Decoding Chap. 3 Adrienne
April 18 Information Theory and Neural Coding Chap. 4 Adrienne
April 23 Biophysical Modeling of Single Neurons Chap. 5 Adrienne
April 25 Dendritic Computation and Reduced Neuron Models Chaps. 5, 6 and lecture slides Adrienne
April 30 Synapse and Network Models Chaps. 5 and 7 Raj
May 2 Guest Lecture: Modeling Visual Cortical Neurons and Networks Read lecture slides Wyeth Bair (BIOSTR)
May 7 Special Lecture: Neural Decoding for Brain-Computer Interfacing Read lecture slides Jeremiah Wander
May 9 Feedforward and Recurrent Networks Chap. 7 Raj
May 14 Plasticity and Learning in Networks Chap. 8 Raj
May 16 Dynamics of Neural Populations (Guest Lecture) Read lecture slides Eric Shea-Brown (AMATH)
May 21 Unsupervised and Supervised Learning Chaps. 8 and 10 Raj
May 23 Classical Conditioning and Reinforcement Learning Chap. 9 Raj
May 28 Guest Lecture: Operant Conditioning for Brain-Computer Interfacing Read lecture slides Eb Fetz (PBIO)
May 30 Course Review Read lecture slides Raj and Adrienne
June 4 No class: Meet with course staff or work on group project
June 6 No class: Meet with course staff or work on group project
June 10, Monday, 10:30am-12:20pm Group project presentations (written reports due via email to Raj and Adrienne before June 11 midnight) Student teams

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