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PH => Patterson and Hennessy, Computer Organization and Design [Appendix A]

SGG => Silberschatz, Galvin, and Gagne, Operating System Concepts

Date Lecture Reading Homework

29-MarM Introduction [1up] [4up] PH: ch 1
31-MarW Encoding Instructions [1up] [4up]
and Numbers [1up] [4up]
PH 3.1-3.4
2-AprF Decisions [1up] [4up]
and SPIM [1up] [4up]
PH 3.5, A9, A10 to p A-54 HW 1 [pdf] [pdf and code]

5-Apr M Procedures (plain) [1up] [4up] PH 3.6, A5, A6, 4.2
7-AprW Procedures (fancy) [1up] [4up] HW 1 due in class (solution)
turn in Extra Credit online (histo)
HW 2 [pdf] [pdf and code]
9-AprF MIPS addressing [1up] [4up] PH: 3.7-3.8

12-AprM Program linking [1up] [4up] PH: 3.9, A.1 thru A.4
14-AprW Number formats [1up] [4up] PH: 4.1-4.4, 4.8 thru p 280, 4.11, 4.12 HW 2 due in class and online
(solution, v2, bar)
16-AprF Code walkthrough HW 3 [pdf] [pdf and code (r1) (657 KB)]

19-AprM Pipelining [1up] [4up] PH: 6.1-6.3
21-AprW Pipelining [1up] [4up] PH: 6.4-6.6
23-AprF Exceptions [1up] [4up] PH: 6.7 HW 3 due online (filterPGM)

26-AprM Cache Memory [1up] [4up] PH: 7.1-7.3 HW 4 [pdf]
28-AprW Virtual Memory [1up] [4up] PH: 7.4-7.5
30-AprF Input / Output
[1up] [4up (2MB)]
PH: 8.1-8.5 HW 4 due in class (solution)

3-MayM Midterm Exam Midterm review sheet
5-MayW RISC vs CISC [1up] [4up]
Performance Metrics [1up] [4up]
PH: 3.12-3.15
PH: 2
7-MayF OS Overview [1up] [4up] SGG: 1

10-MayM Processes [1up] [4up] SGG: 4 thru 4.5.4
12-MayW Threads [1up] [4up] SGG: 5 HW 5 [pdf]
14-MayF Scheduling [1up] [4up] SGG: 6 thru 6.5

17-MayM Scheduling (W2K) [1up] [4up] SGG: 6.7.2
19-MayW Synchronization - 1 [1up] [4up] SGG 7.1-7.3 HW 5 due in class (solution)
21-MayF Synchronization - 2 [1up] [4up] SGG: 7.4-7.7 HW 6 [pdf]

24-MayM Deadlock [1up] [4up] SGG: 8
26-MayW Memory Management [1up] [4up] SGG: 9
28-MayF Virtual Memory [1up] [4up] SGG: 10 HW 6 due in class (solution)
HW 7 [pdf]

31-MayM No class - holiday
2-JunW File systems [1up] [4up] SGG: 11
4-JunF File systems SGG: 12 HW 7 due in class (solution)

9-JunW Final Exam. 8:30-10:20 final review sheet

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