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 CSE 410 Sp 04 - Grading
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There will be several homework assignments. For each assignment you will turn in a set of answers to the questions and/or whatever code you have written.

All assignments will be due at a specified time. No late assignments will be accepted unless there is some extraordinary reason beyond your control and you make arrangements with me before the due date. Email me at djohnson@cs.washington.edu.


Your grades are available over the web through your MyUW account. You need your UWNetID and password in order to get access. To configure MyUW, do the following.

  • Log on to MyUW.
  • From the "Students" tab, click the "Personalize Content" link on the top right.
  • Click the button that says "'Choose' from the basic Student menu".
  • Find the "Computer Science and Engineering" heading and check the checkbox.
  • Click the "Save your Changes" button.
  • Your grades will now be visible on myUW/student/Computer Science and Engineering.


Here's how your grade will be computed:

  • Homework: 50%
  • Midterm: 25%
  • Final exam: 25%

You may discuss the homework problems with your classmates but you must write up the solutions yourself and you should completely understand everything you write down. Unattributed copying of somebody else's work is plagiarism.

The University expects that you will do your own work. See this discussion of Academic Honesty: Cheating and Plagiarism for more information.

Some of this material is hard, there's no question about it, but that's why we have lectures and office hours.  The instructor and the TAs are here to help you learn.  Please ask questions about material that you don't understand - we'll be glad to explain it.

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