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The software packages for this course are installed in the Math Sciences Computing Center . The download links provided here are only needed if you are doing the course work on some other system.

SPIM 6.5 simulator

We are using the SPIM simulator, written by James Larus, to run programs written in MIPS assembly language.

The official SPIM page has the current version of the program for Windows and all *nix varieties, as well as other useful information.

For Windows, we also have a local copy. You can download pcspim-6.5.zip and unzip it, then run the setup.exe program. A larger file containing all the sources is also available as pcspim-6.5-src.zip.

Context editor

In class, I am using the Context editor as a programming editor. This editor has a MIPS assembly language highlighter available. There is a Context web site where you can download the editor as well as numerous highlighter and language definition files.

The specific versions that I am using are available locally as ConTEXT-97.4-setup.exe and MIPSAssembler.chl. After running the setup program, move MIPSAssembler.chl to the highlighters directory in the Context installation directory.

Image viewer

IrfanView is a very nice image viewer for Windows that supports numerous image formats.

Windows 2K/XP Scheduling Tools and examples

The tools and example configurations that I am using in class are available in a zip file.

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