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 CSE 410 Sp 04 - Syllabus
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CSE 410
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    Course Goals

Detailed understanding of

  1. Structure and components of hardware and software systems. Machine organization, including central processor and input-output architectures; assembly language programming.
  2. Operating systems, including processes, storage, and file management.

The idea of this course is to teach you how computers really work, from the chip level up to the user application. My main goal is that when we finish, you will understand what is actually happening when a computer system is running a set of application programs, and so will be able to make good design choices in the future as a developer, project manager, or system customer.


CSE 373 (data structures and algorithms)

Catalog and Time Schedule

UW Catalog entry and the UW Time Schedule entry for CSE 410.

Course Format

The class meets three times a week for lectures. On your own time, you will have homework to do, including computer programs to design and debug. You will be working on homework more or less all the time, with frequent, inflexible deadlines. You will need to use the Internet to get and turn in assignments and to keep in touch with the course.


There are two textbooks for the course.

The first book is Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface, Second Edition, by Patterson and Hennessy.

The second book, which you won't need for the first few weeks of the course, is Operating System Concepts, Sixth Edition, by Silberschatz, Galvin, and Gagne.

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