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 CSE 326: Data Structures, Autumn 2003
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Calendar and Lecture Slides

NOTE: All future dates and topics are subject to change; check back frequently!

Week of Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Sep 29  
Oct 6  
Oct 13  
Oct 20  
Oct 27  
Nov 3
Nov 10  
  • Sorting Lower Bounds,
    on white-board
  • External Sorting,
    on white-board

    Read till 7.10.4
Nov 17

    Project 3 due!
Nov 24 No section - Thanksgiving! No class - Thanksgiving!
Dec 1
  • Amortized Analysis
    (general technique and
    skew heaps bound),
    on white board

    Read Sections 11.1-11.3
Dec 8
No class
Dec 8


Most of the lecture slides presented here were originally developed by Steve Wolfman for Winter 2000 CSE 326, and later modified and re-organized by Bart Niswonger, Hannah Tang, Brian Tjaden, and Luke McDowell. Rajesh Rao crafted a new set of slides for Winter 2003, some of which are used here as well.

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