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 CSEP524: Parallel Computation
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Lecture Slides
 Intro to Parallelism
 Parallel Hardware and Models
 Parallel Performance
 More Parallel Principles
 Bitonic Sort, Scan/Reduce
 Multicast, OpenMP, pthreads, MPI
 WYSIWYG, Shattered Control Flow, PSP
 Hot Parallel Topics
 Homework #1
 Homework #2
 Homework #3
 Homework #4
 Homework #5
Project - due 6/4, 5:00 PM
 Project Description
 Microsoft Cluster User's Guide
 MPI Example on MS Cluster
 ZPL on Departmental Cluster

Time:Tuesdays, 6:30-9:20
Place:EEB 037

Instructor:Larry Snyder (snyder at cs)
 Office hours: By appointment
TA:Nathan Kuchta (nkuchta at cs)
 Office hours: By appointment

Class Email: csep524 at cs Your Subscription   Archive
Make sure that you sign up for the class email list. Use the link above if you aren't receiving emails. Feel free to use the list to ask/answer questions; often, many of your classmates have the same question and/or know the answers. The instructor and TA read the list, too.

Anonymous Comments: Comments about the book that should be made anonymously can be submitted here. Anonymous email goes to the two authors via UW's anonymiser and cannot be traced. If it is possible to send attributed email, that is preferred, because it allows a dialog between the authors and the commentator. Send mail to snyder at cs and lin at cs.utexas.edu.

Textbook: The text used in this course will be a draft of a book I'm writing titled Principles of Parallel Programming. That book is now available at a copy center near campus. In order to be prepared for the first lecture, Chapter 1 of the book is now posted on the web.

In chapter 2 of the text book, some of the images were not properly formatted. The image of a BlueGene/L node from page 38 can be found here, and the image of the BlueGene/L communication networks from page 39 can be found here.

The book draft for the course is available at:
Professional Copy and Print
4200 University Way ("The Ave") NE
Seattle 98105

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