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Important Dates:

  • Friday, July 21: Midterm exam in class from 10:50 - 11:50 (SIG 134).
  • Sunday, August 6: Last day to change to or from S/NS grade option; last day to drop courses using Annual Drop.
  • Thursday, August 17: Final exam part 1 in your section.
  • Friday, August 18: Final exam part 2 in class from 10:50 - 11:50 (SIG 134).


  • [8-11] A couple announcements from lecture today:
    • I would really appreciate if you took the time to fill out the course eval before next Friday. The feedback is extremely helpful for me.
    • There is going to be a review session for the exam on Wednesday Aug 16 from 3:00 - 5:00 in EEB 125. There will be a practice exam printed out for you to work on and you can simulate what the actual exam will be like. The practice exam will be posted on the exams page if you can't make it.
    • The last day the IPL open is Wednesday Aug 16, you can use all 3 late days on your assignment though so make sure you get help early.
  • [8-2] If you enjoyed this class and are interesting in teaching, you should apply to be a TA for 142/143! We already filled the positions for this fall, but you can fill out a form on this website to be notified when the application to be a TA in winter quarter opens!
  • [7-3] The IPL is closed on the 4th of July
  • [7-3] If you require a left/special seat during the exams, please fill out this form by Tuesday July 11th.
  • [6-19] My Monday office hours will be moved a little bit earlier to 12:00-1:30 for the rest of the quarter
  • [6-19] Here is the document I had in lecture: Tips/Resources for Success in 143
  • [6-18] Welcome to CSE 143! Some have asked what material they should know before enrolling in this class. Here are some resources to look at if you are unsure of what is covered in our prerequisite course CSE 142:
    • The following slide deck contains a review of the information that you should be mostly familiar with from 142 (or equivalent course) [ PDF, PPT]. The first couple lectures will have a little bit of review of the material at the end of the slide deck relating to classes and objects.
    • Try out our site used for practicing Java problems called PracticeIt! Here are some problems that may be good to review: flipLines, sameDashes, collapse, TimeSpan
    • Take a look at the exams page from last quarter's 142 to see if you feel confident with concepts covered on the practice material for the exam.


Please keep in mind that Hunter is constantly updating this page. It should accurately describe the past, but it won't always accurately predict the future.

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  • folder 06-20

    Section 1: Review of arrays; ArrayList

  • folder 06-22

    Section 2: ArrayIntList

  • folder 06-27

    Section 4: Stacks and Queues

  • folder 06-29

    Section 4: List Nodes

    HW1 due

  • folder 07-04

    No Section!

    Happy 4th of July!

  • folder 07-06

    Section 6: Linked Lists

    HW2 due

  • folder 07-11

    Section 7: Recursive Tracing

  • folder 07-13

    Section 8: Recursive programming

    HW3 due

  • folder 07-18

    Section 9: Sets and Maps

  • folder 07-20

    Section 10: Midterm Review; Style for Collections

  • folder 07-21

    Midterm in class

  • folder 07-25

    Section 11: Exhaustive Search

    HW4 due

  • folder 07-27

    Section 12: Recursive Backtracking

  • folder 08-01

    Section 15: Binary Trees

  • folder 08-03

    Section 16: Binary Trees

    HW5 due

  • folder 08-08

    Section 17: Comparable; LinkedIntList

  • folder 08-10

    Section 18: Polymorphism

    HW6 due

  • folder 08-15

    Section 19: Exam Review

    HW7 Due

  • folder 08-16

    Exam Review

  • folder 08-17

    Final Exam Part 1 in section

  • folder 08-18

    Final Exam Part 2 in class