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 CSE 573 – Artificial Intelligence - Autumn 2004



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Instructor: Dan Weld

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The primary goal of this class is to provide a rigourous introduction to Artificial Intelligence, explaining the challenges inherent in building an intelligent system and describing the main techniques and tools. We will focus on search, knowledge representation and reasoning, planning and learning - dividing our time between techniques based on logic and on probabalitsic methods. A secondary goal of the course is to teach how to read and analyze research papers. Thus some of the reading will be in the textbook (or a survey paper) and some will be recent conference papers; in the latter case, students will write program-committee style reviews. There will be two mini-projects, several short problem sets, and a midterm.


Class schedule: M, W 1:30-2:50 EE1 031
Dan's office hours: Monday 3:00-4:00 or please feel free to email (weld at cs) for another time.

TA Xu Miao's office hours TBD; or email (xm at cs) for an appointment


The (required) textbook is Russell & Norvig AI a Modern Approach, (Prentice Hall) 2nd edition, 2003. (Note: this book is much improved over the previous edition). We will also assign readings off the WWW.

Your final grade will be assigned based on the following (tentative weighting):

Schedule, Assignments & Slides



Reading due

Lecture Slides

Sept 29 (W)

Introduction, administrivia, agents

AIMA ch 2

01-intro (ppt) (pdf)

Oct 4 (M)

Problem spaces; search (blind, informed, local)

AIMA Ch 3, 4 (except 4.2)

02-search (ppt) (pdf)

Oct 6 (W)

Heuristic generation, constraint satisfaction

AIMA Ch 4.2, Ch 5

03-heuristics & CSP (ppt) (pdf)

Oct 11 (M)

Adversarial search


04-games (ppt) (pdf)

Oct 13 (W)

Knowledge representation (propositional logic)


05-logic (ppt) (pdf)

Oct 18 (M)

Knowledge representation continued (first-order logic)

AIMA Ch 8, Ch 9 thru p 278; Section 10.3

06-kr2 (ppt) (pdf)

Oct 20 (W)


AIMA Ch. 11

07-planning1 (ppt) (pdf)

Oct 25 (M)

… continued


08-planning2 (ppt) (pdf)

Oct 27 (W)


AIMA Sections 18.1-18.3

09-learning-pd (ppt) (pdf)

Nov 1 (M)

... continued

AIMA through 18.4

10-learning2 (ppt) (pdf)

Nov 3 (W)

Inference under uncertainty

AIMA Ch. 13 thru 14.5, but skip p501-4

11a-uncertainty (ppt) (pdf)
11b-Bayes-nets (ppt) (pdf)

Nov 8 (M)

Probabilistic reasoning about time (HMMs, DBNs)

AIMA Ch. 15 - 15.2

12-DBNs (ppt) (pdf)

Nov 10 (W)

Markov decision processes (MDPs)

AIMA Ch. 17-17.2 & 17.4

13-MDPs (ppt) (pdf)

Nov 15 (M)

Reinforcement Learning

AIMA Ch 21

14-reinf-learn (ppt) (pdf); Pole demo; Aibo walking demo (before) (after);

Nov 17 (W)

Statistical learning

AIMA Ch. 20-20.2

15-stat-learn (ppt) (pdf)

Nov 22 (M)




Nov 24 (W)

No class



Nov 29 (M)

Naive Bayes & Expectation Maximization

See above

16-nb-and-em (ppt) (pdf)

Dec 1 (W)

Artificial Life

Evolutionary Origin Review

17-alife (ppt) (pdf)

Dec 6 (M)

Probabalistic Cruciverbalism


18-xword-visual (ppt) (pdf)

Dec 8 (W)

Intelligent Internet Systems

Mining the Web for Synonyms: PMI-IR versus LSA on TOEFL


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