CSE 326 Calendar Winter 2002

All dates are subject to change! Check back frequently.

IMPORTANT: You are responsible for understanding all of the assigned reading material.  Some material may appear on homeworks or exams that appears only in the readings, and not in lecture.
Mon Jan 7 Course Overview ppt pdf  
Wed Jan 9 Analysis of Algorithms, part I ppt pdf  
Fri Jan 11 Analysis of Algorithms, part II ppt pdf Homework 1 Distributed
Mon Jan 14 Analysis of Algorithms, part III ppt pdf  
Wed Jan 16 Analysis of Algorithms, part III (cont)      
Fri Jan 18 Trees ppt pdf Homework 2 and 3 distributed
Mon Jan 21 No Class      
Wed Jan 23 Binary Search Trees ppt pdf  
Fri Jan 25 AVL Trees ppt pdf  
Mon Jan 28 Splay Trees ppt pdf  
Wed Jan 30 B-Trees ppt pdf  
Fri Feb 1 Hash Tables ppt pdf Homework 4 Distributed
Mon Feb 4 Hash Tables II ppt pdf  
Wed Feb 6 Priority Queues & Binary Heaps ppt pdf  
Fri Feb 8 MIDTERM!      
Mon Feb 11 Sorting ppt pdf Homework 5 distributed
Wed Feb 13 Sorting ppt pdf  
Thurs Feb 14 Quiz Section Discussion doc pdf Midterm Solutions distributed
Fri Feb 15 Disjoint Union Find ppt pdf Homework 6 Distributed
Mon Feb 18 Holiday      
Wed Feb 20 Graphs and DFS/BFS Search ppt pdf  
Wed Feb 20 Lecture Cancelled      
Mon Feb 25 Graph Heuristic Search Methods ppt pdf Homework 7 Distributed
Wed Feb 27 More Fun with Graphs ppt pdf  
Graph Search Demos:
      Dijkstra's Algorithm
      Another DFS demo
Thurs Feb 28 Maze Running Examples:      
  DFS: ppt htm  
  BFS: ppt htm  
  IDFS: ppt htm  
  BestFirst: ppt htm  
  A* : ppt htm  
Fri Mar 1 More Fun with Graphs -- continued      
Mon Mar 4 NP-Completeness ppt pdf  
Wed Mar 6 Quad Trees ppt pdf  
Fri Mar 8 Binomial Queues ppt pdf Homework 8 Distributed
Mon Mar 11 Randomized Data Structures ppt pdf  
Wed Mar 13 Odds 'n' Ends ppt pdf  
Fri Mar 15 PARTY!
Mon Mar 18 FINAL EXAM: EE1 037 2:30-4:20
Bring a calculator, pencils, and up to one sheet of notes (two-sided).