Lecture notes are taken by students. The scribe is expected to verify the correctness of all proofs, to fill in any obvious gaps in the lecture, and to add figures and illustrative images as needed.

Title File
1 & 2 Introduction PDF
3 Finite Hypothesis Classes PDF
4 Finite Hypothesis Classes, Estimation vs Approximation PDF
5 Rademacher Complexity PDF
6 Linear Hypothesis Classes 1 PDF
7 Linear Hypothesis Classes 2 PDF
8 VC Theory PDF
9 Sauer's Lemma PDF
10 Growth Functions and VC Dimension PDF
11 PAC Bayes 1 PDF
12 PAC Bayes 2 PDF
13 PAC Bayes 3 PDF
14 Derandomizing PAC Bayes PDF
15 Martingales and Online Learning PDF
16 Stochastic Gradient Descent PDF
17 Online to Batch Conversions PDF
18 Sample Compression PDF
19 Stability PDF
20 Beyond Inductive Learning PDF

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Latex Template

Lecture notes should be written in Latex using the cse522.sty style file and compiled into pdf using pdflatex. Here is an example of a latex file that uses the style file, and here is the resulting pdf document.