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 CSE 473: Artificial Intelligence I
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Rough Outline of Topics

  1. Overview, agents, environments (Chaps 1 and 2)
  2. Search (Chaps 3, 4, and 6)
  3. Knowledge representation and planning (Selected topics from Chaps 7-11)
  4. Uncertainty & Bayesian networks (Selected topics from Chaps 13-15)
  5. Machine Learning: Statistical Learning (Chap 20)
  6. Machine Learning: Neural Networks (Chap 20)
  7. Machine Learning: Reinforcement Learning (Chap 21)


Wednesday, November 1, in class (closed book, except for one 8 1/2'' x 11'' page of notes)

Schedule of Lectures and Readings

Visit here for the schedule of lectures/reading. We will update it frequently over the quarter.

Date Topic Readings Slides Comments
Wed, Sep 27 Introduction AIMA Ch.1 PDF
Fri, Sep 29 Agents and Environments AIMA Ch.2 PDF
Mon, Oct 2 Search AIMA Ch.3 PDF
Wed, Oct 4 Informed Search AIMA Ch.4.1 PDF
Fri, Oct 6 Heuristics AIMA Ch.4.2, 4.3 PDF
Mon, Oct 9 Adversarial Search AIMA Ch.6.1 and 6.2 PDF
Wed, Oct 11 Alpha-Beta Search AIMA Ch.6.3 and beyond PDF
Fri, Oct 13 No Class AIMA Ch.7.1-7.3
Mon, Oct 16 Wumpus and Logical Agents AIMA Ch.7.1-7.3 PDF
Wed, Oct 18 Wumpus Reasoning: Propositional Logic AIMA Ch.7.3-7.4 PDF
Fri, Oct 20 Inference in Propositional Logic AIMA Ch.7.5-7.7 PDF
Mon, Oct 23 First-Order Logic AIMA Ch. 8 PDF
Wed, Oct 25 More First-Order Logic AIMA Ch. 8-9 PDF
Fri, Oct 27 Inference using First-Order Logic AIMA Ch. 9 PDF
Mon, Oct 30 Midterm Review AIMA Ch. 1-4, 6-9 PDF
Wed, Nov 1 Midterm Exam AIMA Ch. 1-4, 6-9 Sample Midterm Exam
Friday, Nov 3 Situation Calculus and Planning AIMA Ch. 10.3 and 11 PDF
Monday, Nov 6 More Planning AIMA Ch. 11 PDF
Wednesday, Nov 8 SATPlan and Uncertainty AIMA Ch. 11 and 13 PDF
Friday, Nov 10 No Class - UW Holiday AIMA Ch. 13
Monday, Nov 13 More Uncertainty AIMA Ch. 13 PDF
Wednesday, Nov 15 Bayesian Inference AIMA Ch. 13 PDF
Friday, Nov 17 Bayesian Networks AIMA Ch. 14 PDF
Monday, Nov 20 Machine Learning: Decision Trees AIMA Ch. 18 PDF
Wednesday, Nov 22 Machine Learning: DTs, Bagging, Boosting AIMA Ch. 18 PDF
Monday, Nov 27 Machine Learning: Nearest Neighbors and Neural Networks AIMA Ch. 20 PDF
Wednesday, Nov 29 Machine Learning: NNs for Function Approximation AIMA Ch. 20 PDF
Friday, Dec 1 Machine Learning: Backprop and Reinf. Learning AIMA Ch. 20/21 PDF
Monday, Dec 4 Machine Learning: Reinforcement Learning AIMA Ch. 21 PDF
Wednesday, Dec 6 Final Lecture: Some Applications of AI PDF

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