CSE490ca Computer Animation

Spring 2000

Class notes

First note: Class is still mandatory for everybody, especially toward later weeks, as knowledge of production status becomes more and more important. Notes posted here are simply a 

reminder of what was discussed in class.

Thursday, 6/1

Notes on motion by shots.

Thursday, 5/25

Today's discussion about music, sound, and animation

Tuesday, 5/24

Today, we mostly looked at references and commented on them.

Allie is working on rocks, and Peter is working on amulet-tree connection.

Animators: When a shot is ready to render, please let Wyvern or another FX people know.

Wyvern's music reference:

Thursday, 5/18

A chart of arc & action of girl from today's discussion on music and sound in the film. (smaller version here)

Technical references page has been updated with these music references:

The rest of the notes on sound & music are here

Post-production: Julian came up with the idea of displaying credits with clouds as effects. Wyvern thought about using a leaf and water ripple effects. What's your idea? Let us know.

Animators: Please look at your exact time & number of frames per shot to ensure accurate rotoscoping. You will also be directing your shot for motion capture.

Ann has done a beautiful job so far painting shots 1 through 3. She added paths around the altar in shot one to make it feel more in place. See shots 1-5 references to see what she's done so far.

Tuesday, 5/16

Class notes and animators' meetng notes. Contains important information for animators.

Friday 5/12
Render Meeting Notes:

Thursday, 5/11

Class notes on music, sound, shots, and general notes for animators.

Tuesday, 5/9
Class Notes:

Animators: Here's how to use facial blending controls that Peter made to animate the girl.

Important: Place all textures in the CSE490ca_FinalProject\Textures directory otherwise the won't get backed up!

For Painters: You can use the machine called WALLACE in the little room in LA2 to run 3d Paint as well. Ask Chad Lindhorst for an account if you don't already have one.

Rigging: Have birds rigged by the end of the week so the cool zoology prof can look at them.

    Upcoming Meetings Times : Friday 12:30 : effects meeting 

From now on, every week we will have meetings on:

Note: Also, Taproot Theater will be attending the Thursday meetings from now on. Darrek will continue to come on Tuesdays

Shot Notes:
Shot 1: 

Shot 10:

Shot 33b:

Shot 33b:

Face Shapes Comments:


Monday, 5/8

Notes from animators' meeting. Also, animators will be meeting in LA2 every Monday at 9 a.m. from now on.

Thursday, 5/4

Important: Animators must have all shots blocked by 4 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time tomorrow (Friday, 5/5).

Animators will meet once a week now.

If there are any concerns about not being able to get your work done, e-mail Mark.

Everybody should have taken notes on your responsibilities and your next most important tasks, and talked to Barbara about them. If you missed class and have not done this, please talk to Barbara or one of the TAs about what you think your most important responsibilities are at this point.

Lighting people: Lights should be linked to only objects they illuminate. Otherwise rendering takes a long time.


Wednesday, 5/3, animators' session with Karen

Tuesday, 5/2

For animators: Instructions on saving your shot to low-res animation after blocking, which needs to be done as soon as you are ready. All shots need to be blocked before Karen's session with animators tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9:30 in LA2.

Buying pizza late at night has been approved.

Approval to buy 2 copies of Deep Paint. Will move additional NT machines into LA2 to run them.

All shot setups are done!

Barbara's golden rules:

Animators: Definition of Blocking: Effects folks should meet twice a week, on either T & F, or M & Th, so that one meeting takes place on class day.

Lighting people should be responsible for textures in a shot. This means keep talking with shading people to make sure it's done, and done well.


Fire: Don't add fire dynamics while animating, as they tend to slow things down. Instead, use a light source at the same spot. At the end, light will come from the light source, not flame.

Trees: In addition to tree location & movement in wind, need to think about placement of different types (evergreens & other types). Right now they're inconsistent between shots.


Thursday, 4/27, and Tuesday, 4/25

Other things regarding sound and models (issues regarding either the modeling, shading, rigging, and animation of the models) below. Unless an item is marked "(4/25)", it was from class on Thursday, 4/27.