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(Note: While it is not listed for each week, your team must submit a weekly status update 11:00 PM each Sunday.)

Future information is tentative and subject to change.

Date Day Class Topic Reading Homework Assigned Homework Due
Jan 3 Mon Introduction Proposal
Jan 5 Wed Software development lifecycle
Jan 6 Thu Project proposal presentations Project proposal by noon
Jan 7 Fri Project proposal presentations Project preferences survey by 11 PM
Jan 10 Mon Requirements Reading 1:
Jan 11 Tues Writing Effective Use Cases Excerpt p.1-6 (Cockburn) SRS, SRS Template (doc), Use Case Template (doc)
Jan 12 Wed Teamwork
Jan 13 Thu
Jan 14 Fri User Interface Reading 2: Reading 1 summary (submit in class)
Jan 17 Mon University holiday
Jan 19 Wed Architecture
Jan 20 Thurs Joel Test Joel Test Article
Jan 21 Fri SDS, SDS Template (doc) System Requirements assignment due by 11pm;
Reading 2 summary (submit in class)
Jan 24 Mon UML class diagrams Reading 3: Parnas, D. On the Criteria To Be Used in Decomposing Systems into Modules. Alpha Release
Jan 26 Wed UML sequence diagrams
Jan 27 Thu
Jan 28 Fri Crystal and creational, structural, and behavioral design patterns Team Assessment Survey #1;
Reading 3 summary (submit in class)
Jan 31 Mon Creational design patterns Reading 4: Schmidt, D.C., et al. Software patterns. Team Assessment Survey #1 due by 11pm
Feb 2 Wed Structural design patterns
Feb 3 Thu Build and Package
Feb 4 Fri SDS presentations (due by class) SDS presentation due by class;
System Design (SDS) document due by 11pm
Reading 4 summary (submit in class)
Feb 7 Mon SDS presentations No reading this week. Beta Release Alpha release due by 11pm
Feb 9 Wed Testing
Feb 10 Thu Midterm review - Q&A
Feb 11 Fri First midterm exam. (solutions) Sample midterms: 2009 spring (final exam so only 1/2 applicable), 2006 summer, 2005 summer,
Feb 14 Mon Debugging Reading 5: McConnell, S.Code Complete: Design in Construction
Feb 16 Wed Mark Schofield/MS, Unit Testing
Feb 17 Thu Project work
Feb 18 Fri In-class activity 1 (used for “reading” 6) Team Assessment Survey #2 Reading 5 summary (submit in class)
Feb 21 Mon President's Day Holiday “Reading” 6: (summary of 2/18 and 2/23 in-class activities)
Feb 22 Tues Customer exposure assignment Beta release and Team assessment survey #2 due by 11pm
Feb 23 Wed In-class activity 2 (used for “reading” 6) Final Release assignment Beta due to your Customer team by 11pm
Feb 24 Thu Beta release presentations
Feb 25 Fri Beta release presentations “Reading” 6 summary (submit in class)
Feb 28 Mon How to Debug Reading 7: Henning, M. API Design Matters Customer exposure report due by 11pm
March 2 Wed TK Backman, Jason Yang, SW Development at MS Biggest take-away due in class
March 3 Thu No class: work on projects
March 4 Fri No class: work on projects
March 7 Mon No class: work on projects
March 9 Wed Exam review and reasoning about programs Team Assessment Survey #3 Reading 7 summary (submit in class)
March 10 Thu Final release presentations Presentation due by class, Final release due by 11pm
March 11 Fri Final release presentations Team Assessment Survey #3
March 16 Wed Second midterm exam (2:30 - 4:20 PM, EEB 045)