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(Note: While it is not listed for each week, you and your team must submit a weekly status update each week. See the assignments webpage for details.)

The Tuesday section slot is intended for group meetings. You may meet with your group anywhere that you like. You don't have to meet at 9:30am on Tuesdays; you can pick other time(s), but you have no excuse for not choosing a time that all group members can attend. Successful groups often meet more than once per week.

If you don't have access to one of the readings, try going to http://lib.washington.edu and clicking the "off-campus access (log in)" button at the top right. Then, the link from this page should work.

Future information is tentative and subject to change.

Date Day Class Topic Homework Assigned Homework Due
Reading 1 B. Boehm, A Spiral Model of Software Development and Enhancement
K. Schwaber. SCRUM Development Process
Mar 28 Mon Introduction Project Proposal Proposal pairs (due Tuesday)
Mar 30 Wed Software lifecycle Project Proposal
Mar 31 Thu Project proposal presentations (Reading 1 response)
Apr 1 Fri Project proposal presentations
Reading 2 S. Faulk. Software Requirements: a Tutorial
Perform at least some of Specifying Functional Requirements With Use Cases
Apr 4 Mon Requirements, use cases Requirements ("SRS") (Reading 2 response)
Project preferences survey by 2pm
Apr 6 Wed Version control
Apr 7 Thu Requirements
Apr 8 Fri Teams
Reading 3 Parnas, D. On the Criteria To Be Used in Decomposing Systems into Modules
Apr 11 Mon User interfaces Paper prototype evaluation Requirements ("SRS")
Apr 13 Wed Architecture Reading 3 response
Apr 14 Thurs UML class diagrams
Apr 15 Fri Paper prototypes exercise Architectural design
Reading 4 Spolsky, J. The Joel Test
Cockburn, A. The interaction of social issues and software architecture
Apr 18 Mon UML sequence diagrams Paper prototype evaluation
Apr 20 Wed Process: The Joel Test
Apr 21 Thu UML diagrams Reading 4 response
Apr 22 Fri Testing Zero-feature release Architectural design
Reading 5 Henning, M. API design matters
McConnell, S. Code Complete: Design in Construction
Apr 25 Mon Design presentations (1) Teammate survey
Apr 27 Wed Design presentations (2) Reading 5 response
Apr 28 Thu Using Cubist and Crystal
Apr 29 Fri Design patterns (1) Zero-feature release
Reading 6 No reading; midterm exam this week
May 2 Mon GUI design patterns
May 4 Wed Exam review (bring questions) Beta release
May 5 Thu SDS re-presentations
May 6 Fri Midterm exam (covers through Monday, May 2)
Reading 7 No reading; work on your beta release
May 9 Mon Design patterns (2)
May 11 Wed Design patterns (2)
May 12 Thu Security Beta evaluation
May 13 Fri Design patterns (2) Feature-complete release Beta release
Reading 8 No reading; work on your feature-complete release
May 16 Mon Beta demos (1) Teammate survey 2
Beta evaluation (due Tues)
May 18 Wed Beta demos (2)
May 19 Thu No section meeting
May 20 Fri Code reviews
ICSE 2011 research
Release candidate Feature-complete release
Reading 9 nothing to read; uses the in-class activities
May 23 Mon Interviewing
May 25 Wed Specification game
May 26 Thu Mock interviews (optional)
May 27 Fri In-class activity Release candidate
"Reading" 9 response (due Saturday, turn in)
Reading 10 Accidents in North American Mountaineering 2004, issue 57, pages 1-7
May 30 Mon No class (Memorial Day) 1.0 Release Reading 10 response (prompt, turn in)
Jun 1 Wed No lecture 1.0 Release
Jun 2 Thu Exam review (come with questions)
Jun 3 Fri Exam (cumulative) Teammate survey 3
Jun 6 Monday 8:30-10:20 final exam slot: final project presentations