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CSE 403, Spring 2011

Assignment Due
1. Proposals
Wed Mar 30
2. Requirements Mon Apr 11
3. Paper prototype Mon Apr 18
4. Design Fri Apr 22
5. Zero-feature release Fri Apr 29
6. Beta release Fri May 13
6a. Beta release evaluation Tue May 17
7. Feature-complete release Fri May 20
8. Release candidate Fri May 27
9. Final release Wed Jun 1

In general, you have the following assignments due each week:

  1. Project milestone deliverables: different each week, and listed above. There are also occasional surveys, such as teammate surveys, lisetd on the calendar.
  2. Individual status report. Due by 11:59pm Monday night.
  3. Team status report. Due by 11:59pm Tuesday night.
  4. Reading responses. 1 page or less, due at 11:59pm, but on different days each week. See the calendar.