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CSE 403, Spring 2011
Assignment #1: Project Proposal Submissions

Flash Cards John Chilton and Hilary Worden doc slides
Convenient Cookbook Kevin Anderson and Jun Kye doc slides
Bargain Hunter John Wang and James Parsons doc slides
Make it Happen Kyle Hipke and Dylan Price doc slides
Activity Finder Andrew Smith and Donovan Hunt doc slides
Ener-Save Chris Kaulia and Allen Liu doc slides
In-Vehicle Video Surveillance System Robert Bart and Leeran Raphaely doc slides
VERB Web-App / Framework Kellen Donohue and Zach Stein doc slides
Social Calendar Gary Kuo and Yizhou Wang doc slides
Development Manager Cody Schroeder and Chris Gamble doc slides
Classroom Questions Amanda Shen and Christine Marie Acuario doc slides
Research Position Search Engine Christopher Hoover and Tatsuro Oya doc slides
U-Menu Jesse Jeng and Andrew Lau doc slides
Homework Aggregator Michael Lam and James Vaughan doc slides
KEXP Song Tagging Steve Geluso and Aryan Naraghi doc slides
Sharing Books Greg Brandt and Jedidiah Jonathan doc slides
Washington Yacht Club Ken Inoue and Trinh Ho doc slides
Real-time updates for Seattle social services Wayne Gerard doc slides
DawgPons Wei-Ting Lu and Troy Martin doc slides
Cloud Composer Jared Clement and Jungryul Choi doc slides
Media Manipulator Eui Min Jung and Hannah Hemmaplardh doc slides
Get a LIFE Mike Kung and Robert Schwenz doc slides
Lab Medicine Specimen Transport and Protection System Michael Ernst doc slides
Automatic Generation of Assembly Instruction Images Bill Alford slides