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Note that this schedule may change somewhat as the quarter goes on, depending on our progress through the topics, visitor schedules, and so on. I expect that the assignment dates will be as shown, however I may change them if events warrant.

Date Day Topic Reading Homework
Jan 3 Mon Introduction RD: 1, 2, 3
Jan 4 Tue
Jan 5 Wed Project Lifecycle Boehm HW1 LCO assigned [partner signup]
Jan 6 Thu Life Cycle Objectives Milestone RD 6, 7, 10
Jan 7 Fri - Discussion: What This Class is About and Why; Common Reasons for Failed Software Projects; 'Plans Change!'
- LCO team meetings
Jan 10 Mon What is a project? RD 4, 5
Jan 11 Tue LCO materials due before 10PM
Jan 12 Wed LCO Presentations
Jan 13 Thu LCO Presentations
Jan 14 Fri LCO Presentations project preferences due before Sunday night
Jan 17 Mon Holiday - Martin Luther King Day
Jan 18 Tue
Jan 19 Wed LCO discussion team membership
Jan 20 Thu Life Cycle Architecture Milestone LCA assigned
Jan 21 Fri - Discussion: Desirable Qualities in Teammates and Employees
- LCA team meetings and team conversations
Jan 24 Mon System Requirements
Jan 25 Tue
Jan 26 Wed Design
Jan 27 Thu Guest: Dave Socha (UrbanSim) - Design
Jan 28 Fri - Discussion: Addressing Biggest Risks First; Group Agreement Strategies; Communicating Designs
- LCA team meetings
Jan 31 Mon Architectural Description
Feb 1 Tue LCA materials due before 10PM
Feb 2 Wed LCA Presentations all day Select time slot
Feb 3 Thu Project Teams RD: 4, 12, 13 Post-LCA essay and peer review assigned
Feb 4 Fri - Discussion: Communication Issues inside the Team and with Other Stakeholders
- dev team meetings
Feb 7 Mon LittleApp to BigApp RD: 19
Feb 8 Tue
Feb 9 Wed Personalities Myers-Briggs test Post-LCA essay and peer review due before 10PM
Feb 10 Thu Construction RD: 18
Feb 11 Fri - Discussion: Automated Testing, Documentation, Zero-Feature Release; Beta Release; Contracts and Speech Acts
- dev team meetings
Feb 14 Mon Verification and Validation
Feb 15 Tue
Feb 16 Wed Post-LCA dev team meetings with course staff Select time slot
Feb 17 Thu Guest: Tessa Lau (IBM Research)
Feb 18 Fri - Discussion: Waterfall vs. Agile Processes; Dominion vs. Communion Models of Management; Feedback on Post-LCA Meetings; Outsourcing Beta release due before 10PM
Feb 21 Mon Holiday - Presidents Day
Feb 22 Tue
Feb 23 Wed Guest: Ian King (Microsoft) - Quality Assurance: Test Development and Execution
Feb 24 Thu Ship It!
Feb 25 Fri - Discussion: Software Engineering Conclusions from the 'Ariane 5' Disaster; Code Size Implications; When is Software Good Enough?
- dev team meetings
Essay #1 returned with questions
Feb 28 Mon Initial Operating Capability Answers to essay #1 questions due (in class, on paper)
Mar 1 Tue Signup your team for a post-beta discussion meeting on Wed, Mar 02
Mar 2 Wed Guest: Jacques Crocker (MAQ Software) - Outsourcing and Globalization in Software Development;
Post-beta discussion meetings throughout the day
Peer review #2 due before 10PM
Mar 3 Thu Case Histories
Mar 4 Fri - Discussion: How This Course Differs from Other CSE Courses and from the 'Real World'; Mastery and Life-long Learning Final release due before 10PM
Essay #2 due before 6PM Sunday [submit]
Mar 7 Mon Intellectual Activity
Mar 8 Tue
Mar 9 Wed More Intellectual Activity Final reading and take-home exam announced
Mar 10 Thu Demo day (Poker Buddy, eChat, CLIC) Essay #2 returned with questions
Mar 11 Fri Demo day (ABM, Arena, Grocery)
  Answers to essay #2 questions due (on paper) before 6PM Saturday
Mar 16 Wed Final Exam References to discussed materials Final exam and final questionnaire due before 10PM [submit]
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