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 CSE 461: Computer Communication and Networks (Winter 2008)
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Lecture slides will be posted here as the course progresses.

Date Lecture Readings Homework Project
M 1/7
Introduction ppt Chapters 1,2   out: proj1
W 1/9
Sockets programming ppt      
F 1/11
Protocols and layering ppt      
M 1/14
Bits and bandwidth ppt      
W 1/14
Error recovery ppt      
F 1/18
Multiple access networks ppt      
W 1/23
Multiple access networks (contd.)   out: hw1  
F 1/25
Switching and bridges ppt Chapter 3, spanning tree paper   due: proj1
M 1/28
IP ppt Chapter 4    
W 1/30
Distance Vector Routing ppt      
F 2/1
Link State Routing ppt      
M 2/4
Flow control ppt Chapter 5   out: proj2
W 2/6
Transport layer endpoints ppt Chapter 5    
F 2/8-W 2/13
Congestion control ppt Chapter 6.1, 6.3, 6.4, Van Jacobson & Karel's paper    
W 2/13
Pratical networking ppt      
W 2/20,F 2/22
Interdomain routing ppt Hari Balakrishnan's notes out: hw2  
M 2/25,W 2/27
DNS ppt Chapter 9.1   out: proj3
F 2/29
HTTP ppt Chapter 9.2 Improving www latency    
MWF 3/3-3/7
Peer-to-peer systems ppt Chapter 9.4.2    
MWF 3/3-3/7
Security ppt Chapter 8    

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