CSE 190 M Flash Programming Sessions

If you want to compile and run Flash applications on your own computer, follow our Flash/Flex Installation Instructions. If you have questions about Flash or the Flash homework, you can email Roy or post them on our Flash message board area.

Session 2: Animation


Optional Homework:

  • Flash Homework 1 (Spinner)
  • Session 1: Basics


    General info about the Flash programming sessions:

    This quarter in CSE 190 M, we will conduct a special optional program to offer students a chance to learn another programming language and environment. The language's name is ActionScript, and the runtime/environment for executing and viewing ActionScript program output is called Flash.

    Why would I want to learn Flash, in addition to HTML/CSS/etc.?

    Flash lets you make rich graphical web applications with 2D graphics and shapes as well as animations and other multimedia content.

    What will I do if I participate in this program?

    The work involved in this program would be the following:

    • Attending optional weekly Flash programming sessions
    • Completing optional programming exercises each week as desired

    What reward do I get for doing this? Do I have to do it?

    Participation is entirely optional. The reward for doing these projects will be small, to make sure that the sessions don't give students with prior experience an unfair advantage over new programmers. For example, we might reward students with 1 free late day for each Flash exercise submitted.

    How do I participate or learn more?

    Just look at the slides and/or links above, and if you find it interesting, try solving the exercise for that week. If you finish it, you can turn it in from a link that we'll put up above on this page.

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