CSEP 524 - Parallel Computation

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Instructor Lawrence Snyder: http://www.cs.washington.edu/homes/snyder/

Teaching Assistant: Matthew Kehrt: http://www.cs.washington.edu/homes/mkehrt/

Teaching Assistant: Adrienne Wang: http://www.cs.washington.edu/homes/axwang/

Email: snyder [at] cs [dot] wash... (and you know the rest)
           mkehrt [at] cs [dot] wash ...
           axwang [at] cs [dot] wash ...

Office Hours

Because of the distance feature of this class, we will not have formally scheduled office hours. Ask questions or set up a time to meet using email. It's more efficient of everyone's time.


Find useful resources for this class at the links below. These links to previous offerings of CSEP 524 are probably less useful they might have been in the past.


Assignments are due before class on the day shown. Assignments listed with * receive a one week grace period before being counted as late. Because the lectures assume the given due date, it is strongly suggested that assignments be submitted by the due date.




Mar 30

Forward and Chapter 1 of Lin/Snyder [LS]

Prior to class meeting
Complete Welcome Survey

Apr 06

Chapter 2 of LS

Homework 1
Suggested: Implement Count 3s

Apr 13

Chapter 3 of LS

Homework 2

Apr 20

Chapter 4 of LS

Homework 3, Part I
Homework 3, Part II*

Apr 27

Ch. 5 of LS, pp. 112-133

Homework 4

May 04
Rescheduled to

May 06

Ch. 5 of LS, pp. 133-142
Ch. 6 of LS, pp. 193-200
Ch. 7 of LS, pp. 219-234

Homework 5, Part I
Homework 5, Part II*

May 11

Ch. 8 of LS

Homework 6

May 18
Rescheduled to

May 20
Survey Slides
Themes Slides
Features Slides
Status Slides

Brad Chamberlain on Chapel
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Preparatory Reading

Homework 7

May 25

Chapter 9 of LS

Jun 01

Chapter 10 of LS

Homework 8

Announcement Archive:

There is a short "Welcome" Survey that everyone should fill out before the first class. Find it at UW's Catalyst Tools. To access Catalyst Tools you will need to provide your UW Net ID and password.

Time and Location:

Spring 2010

Tuesday, 6:30 to 9:20

CSE 305 and by stream in real time.


Principles of Parallel Programming
Calvin Lin and Lawrence Snyder
Addison Wesley, 2009 [An eReader version is available]

There is an errata page for this book.