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CSE 591n: Configurable Computing Seminar
Autumn, 2006
Overview of coarse grained configurable architectures

Monday 3:30-4:20 Allen 303


Oct. 2 – Overview and discussion of RaPiD -

Oct. 9 – Applications - Presented by Scott Hauck

Oct. 16 – PACT - Presented by Benjamin -

Oct. 23 – Virtex-5 Overview - Presented by Ken Eguro - Please look over the following datasheets to familiarize yourself with the basic architectures.
    Virtex-5 Datasheet
    Virtex-4 Datasheet

Oct. 30 – Affiliates - no meeting

Nov. 6 – Morphosys - Presented by Mike Haselman -
    MorphoSys: An Integrated Reconfigurable System for Data-Parallel and Computation-Intensive Applications

Nov. 13 – ADRES / Stretch - Presented by Allan Carroll -
    S5: The Architecture and Development Flow of a Software Configurable Processor
    ADRES: An Architecture with Tightly Couple VLIW Processor and Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Matrix

Nov. 20 – PipeRench - Presented by Brian Van Essen -
    PipeRench: A Reconfigurable Architecture and Compiler

Nov. 27 – Maspar / Slap - Presented by Jacob Nelson -
    The MasPar MP-1 Architecture
    The Design of the MasPar MP-1: A Cost Effective Massively Parallel Computer

Dec. 4 – Review

Dec. ?? – HSRA / Quicksilver - Presented by Karl Meier

Dec. ?? – Paddi - Presented by Nathaniel

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