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 CSE 461, Introduction to Computer Communication Networks, Fall 2009
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Use this as a guide, but check back occasionally as the details will change during the quarter.

Week Day Topics Textbook Notes
9/30 W Introduction. Internet. Protocols and layering. Chapter 1 HW1 out
  Th No sections yet. Find the lab, start reading the book.   Cancelled!
10/5 M Physical layer, media, modulation, links. 2.1-2.3  
  W Error detection and correction, reliability. 2.4, 2.5  
10/12 M Multi-access, wireless, contention-free designs 2.6-2.8  
  W Switching, bridging and spanning trees 3.1-3.2 HW1 due; HW2 out
10/19 M Link-state and distance-vector routing 4.2  
  W Internetworking, hierarchical addressing 4.1, 4.5  
10/26 M Inter-domain routing 4.3  
  W Connections, retransmissions 5.2 HW2 due
11/2 M Midterm, Takeaways    
  W Congestion control 6.1-6.3 HW3 out
11/9 M Congestion avoidance 6.4  
  W Holiday (Veteran's Day)    
11/16 M Real-time and quality of service 6.5, 5.4  
  W Web, sockets and RPC 5.1, 5.3, 9.1.2, 9.2 HW3 due; HW4 out
11/23 M Naming and the DNS 9.1.3  
  W Privacy and Anonymity 9.4  
  Th Holiday (Thanksgiving)    
11/30 M Security, encryption for confidentiality, integrity, etc. 4.4, 9.3  
  W (continuation of crypto) 8.1-8.3 HW4 due
12/7 M Systems security 8.4, 8.5  
  W Potpourri    
12/17 Th Final Exam, 2:30-4:20pm    

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