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Note that this schedule may change somewhat as the quarter goes on, depending on our progress through the topics, guest schedules, and so on. We expect that the assignment dates will be as shown, however we may change them if events warrant.

Date Day Topic for Discussion in Class Reading Homework Assignments and Project Milestones Notes
Jun 20 Mon Course Overview (ppt, pdf)     Find out what the class is about!
Jun 21 Tue      
Jun 22 Wed Software Lifecycle Models (ppt, pdf, ink) RD 7, 20, 21, 25, 35, 36 Hw1 LCO assigned One of the quintessential software engineering ideas
Jun 23 Thu Lifecycle Objectives (LCO) Review (ppt, pdf);
LCO team meetings
Boehm   Brainstorming project ideas; Finding a partner to work with;
Also use our EPost discussion board to bounce ideas and look for a partner.
Jun 24 Fri The Fate of Software Projects,
Is Software Different?,
Lessons from the History of Software Development (ppt, pdf, ink)
    Putting software development in the context of history and other disciplines
Jun 27 Mon Pitching Project Ideas (ppt, pdf) Value Proposition   This is advice applicable to your project and, more importantly, to your careers too.
Jun 28 Tue   Hw1 LCO due before 10pm All LCO proposal materials are now online for your perusal.
Jun 29 Wed LCO (Project Proposal) Presentations Project preferences due before 10pm All teams present their proposals in class; attending guest: Doug Johnson
Jun 30 Thu LCO Retrospective;
Team Formation Issues (ppt, pdf, ink)
  Hw2 assigned Project teams announced in class
Jul 1 Fri Team Conversations;
Lifecycle Architecture (LCA) Review (ppt, pdf)
Constitutive Conversations of Teams (handout);
  Teams agree on their success criteria
Jul 4 Mon Holiday - Independence Day   Hw3 LCA (specification + design + test plan) assigned  
Jul 5 Tue     LCO feedback meetings in CSE 624  
Jul 6 Wed Team Environment Issues (ppt, pdf, ink) RD 11, 12, 13 Hw2 due before 10pm "Common sense is not always common practice." -- Steven Covey
Jul 7 Thu Techniques for Requirements Gathering and Specification (ppt, pdf, ink) RD 4.2, 10, 14.1, 24, 32, 38;
Articles on specifying use cases;
Risk Reduction through Prototyping (handout)
The first from a series of risk management-related techniques used in the lifecycle
Jul 8 Fri Usability Design Principles (ppt, pdf) The Psychopathology of Everyday Things (handout)
Jul 11 Mon Best Practices for Software Design - Part I (ppt, pdf, ink) Code Complete (2nd ed.), ch.5;
Article on design
"Treat design as a wicked, sloppy, heuristic process..." -- Steve McConnell
Jul 12 Tue      
Jul 13 Wed LCA (spec + design + test plan) Presentations;
LCA/Design Review
The two teams present their current specs, designs, test plans, and schedules in class; attending guests: Doug Johnson and Gail Alverson
Jul 14 Thu LCA/Design Review (cont.);
Best Practices for Software Design - Part II (ppt, pdf, ink)
Design Smells - The Odors of Rotting Software (handout) Hw3 LCA due before 10pm,
Hw4 assigned
The really technical design principles that apply to software
Jul 15 Fri Incremental Releases, Zero-feature Release;
One-step Build Process (ppt, pdf, ink)
The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code, RD 20, 21, 36;
RD 18
Discusses deliverables for the zero-feature release and other milestones
Jul 18 Mon Unit Testing (tutorial) (ppt, pdf, SomeClass.java, SomeClassTest.java);
Team meetings
Articles on unit testing
Jul 19 Tue   Zero-feature release due before 10pm  
Jul 20 Wed Zero-feature release demos/presentations Peer review #1 due before 10pm This is the halfway point in the quarter!
See the idea behind peer reviews.
Jul 21 Thu Zero-feature Release Retrospective;
Scheduling, Estimation, and Prioritization (ppt, pdf, ink)
RD 8, 26 LCA feedback meetings;
Hw4 due before 10pm
Some of the crucial aspects in project management
Jul 22 Fri Scheduling, Estimation, and Prioritization (cont.) (ppt, pdf, ink) RD 9, 14, 28, 29, 32 LCA feedback meetings "Adding people to a late project makes it later." -- Fred Brooks
Jul 25 Mon Midterm exam See the mailing list for a few practice questions Midterm sample solutions
Jul 26 Tue      
Jul 27 Wed Guests: What We Wish We Had Known (ppt, pdf) Things They Would Not Teach Me of in College... Hw2 responses due before 10pm Guests: members of two teams from past quarters -- Jeremy Lingmann / Jason Tan and Peter-Michael Osera / CJ
Jul 28 Thu Design Patterns and Refactoring (ppt, pdf)
Jul 29 Fri Beta Release Deliverables;
Midterm Retrospective and Statistics;
Risk Management (ppt, pdf)
RD 5, 27, 41 Peer review #1 viewing and usefulness feedback due before 10pm Midterms have been returned and statistics are available.
Aug 1 Mon Guest: What Happens over Here and Why You Might Care - A Window into the Test Team (ppt, pdf) Heuristic Test Strategy Model & Test Plan Building Process Guest: Jonathan Bach (Quardev Labs)
Aug 2 Tue   Beta release due before 10pm  
Aug 3 Wed Beta release demos/presentations Peer review #2 due before 10pm;
Hw5 assigned
The two teams present their initial playable releases in class; attending guests: Doug Johnson and Gail Alverson
Aug 4 Thu Beta Release Retrospective;
Efficient Techniques for Evaluating UI Designs (ppt, pdf)
Usability Testing with Morae
Aug 5 Fri Guest: Third Party Software (ppt, pdf) Guest: Gail Alverson (Cray, Inc.)
Aug 8 Mon Efficient Techniques for Evaluating UI Designs (cont.) (ppt, pdf);
Personality Types (ppt, pdf, ink)
MBTI Personality Test Beta release informal feedback meetings during the day There are many different valid views of the world! Respecting those views that differ from ours allows us to integrate each other's contributions into something bigger.
Aug 9 Tue   Peer review #2 viewing and usefulness feedback due before 10pm.  
Aug 10 Wed Final Release Deliverables;
Miscommunication Issues (ppt, pdf, ink);
Configuration Management (ppt, pdf, ink)
RD 4.2;
Speech Acts (handout)
Hw5 due before 10pm Configuration management is a very hard and error-prone problem in practice.
Aug 11 Thu Robust Programming and Debugging (ppt, pdf)
Aug 12 Fri Software Maintenance, Code Reviews; Influence Diagrams (ppt, pdf, ink) RD 4.3;
Influence Diagrams (handout)
Hw4 responses due before 10pm Influence diagrams (a.k.a. Diagrams of effects) are a very useful analysis tool in any domain.
  Final release due Sunday, Aug 14, before 10pm
Aug 15 Mon Final release demos/presentations Peer review #3 due before 10pm The results of two months' hard work by both teams are now visible. Attending guest: Doug Johnson
Aug 16 Tue Final take-home exam assigned (also available in PDF format)
Aug 17 Wed Final Project Retrospective (ink);
Intellectual Property Issues (Part I) (ppt, pdf)
Hw5 responses due before 10pm;
Peer review #3 viewing and usefulness feedback due before 10pm
The legal domain is not static and some regulations are complex to navigate, so specialists are often needed. Attending guest: Gail Alverson
Aug 18 Thu Intellectual Property Issues (Part II) (ppt, pdf);
Course Retrospective (ppt, pdf)
Final release informal feedback meetings during the day;
Final take-home exam due before 10pm
See the main take-away points of the course, from the instructor's perspective!
Aug 19 Fri Lifelong Learning;
Peer Appreciation (ppt, pdf, ink)
Final take-home exam due before class on paper;
Final questionnaire due before 10pm
Mastery is not a state -- it is a journey.
"You can win, you can lose, or you can learn." -- Virginia Satir
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