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This page lists pages in reverse chronological order of last major update.

When, say, a Q & A question or a section is added or changed in a significant way, that page will be shuffled to the top.


A - Administrative Info
C - Conceptual Info
P - Problem Set
CC - Cross-Checker
L - Lecture
E - Old Exams
S - Section
B - LaBs
T - Tools
F - Final Project

Number Date Title Links
E1 6/7/2010 10sp Exam 2 (PDF)
E2 6/7/2010 10sp Exam 2 Solutions (PDF)
L2 6/6/2010 Testing (PDF)
L22 6/4/2010 Wrapup (PDF)
CC4 6/2/2010 Cross-Checker Results for PS4 (HTML)
CC3 6/2/2010 Cross-Checker Results for PS3 (HTML)
CC2 6/2/2010 Cross-Checker Results for PS2 (HTML)
P8 5/25/2010 Problem Set 8 (HTML)
L19 5/25/2010 Advanced type systems (PDF)
L18 5/21/2010 Type qualifiers (PDF)
P7 5/15/2010 Problem Set 7 (HTML)
S5 5/10/2010 Section 6: Performance, MDDs, and design patterns (HTML)
L17 5/9/2010 System integration and sofware process (PDF)
L16 5/6/2010 Usability (PDF)
A2 5/5/2010 Course Calendar (HTML)
P6 5/5/2010 Problem Set 6 (HTML)
L15 5/4/2010 Design patterns (2) (PDF)
L14 5/1/2010 Module dependences (PDF)
S5 4/30/2010 Section 5: Reasoning by Induction (HTML)
L13 4/29/2010 Reasoning about code (PDF)
A1 4/29/2010 General Information (HTML)
P5 4/28/2010 Problem Set 5 (HTML)
L12 4/27/2010 Reasoning about ADTs (PDF)
E1 4/25/2010 10sp Exam 1 (PDF)
E2 4/25/2010 10sp Exam 1 Solutions (PDF)
P4 4/21/2010 Problem Set 4 (HTML)
L10 4/18/2010 Debugging (PDF)
L9 4/15/2010 Exceptions & assertions (PDF)
L8 4/14/2010 Design patterns (1) (PDF)
A4 4/13/2010 TA Office Hours (HTML)
P3 4/13/2010 Problem Set 3 (HTML)
S1 4/13/2010 Section 1: Specification and Documentation (HTML)
L7 4/12/2010 Equality (PDF)
B1 4/10/2010 Lab 1: Debugging (HTML)
L6 4/9/2010 Subtypes (PDF)
P2 4/6/2010 Problem Set 2 (HTML)
L4 4/5/2010 Abstract data types (PDF)
L5 4/4/2010 Abstraction functions & rep invariants (PDF)
L3 4/2/2010 Procedure specifications (PDF)
P1 3/31/2010 Problem Set 1 (HTML)
L0 3/30/2010 Introduction (PDF)
L1 3/30/2010 Specifications (PDF)
A3 3/29/2010 Objectives and outcomes (HTML)
T7 3/27/2010 Problem Set Submission (HTML)
T6 3/27/2010 Daikon invariant detector (HTML)
T5 3/27/2010 Working at home (HTML)
T4 3/27/2010 Eclipse Reference for CSE331 (HTML)
T3 3/27/2010 Version Control (SVN) Reference (HTML)
T2 3/27/2010 Editing, Compiling, Running, and Testing Java Programs (HTML)
T1 3/27/2010 Tools Overview (HTML)
C6 3/29/2010 Documenting a Software System (HTML)
C5 3/29/2010 Writing Abstraction Functions and Rep Invariants (HTML)
C4 3/29/2010 A Guide to Testing (HTML)
C3 3/29/2010 Class and Method Specifications (HTML)
C2 3/29/2010 Java Q&A (HTML)
C1 3/29/2010 Java Style Guide (HTML)
P0 3/29/2010 Problem Set 0 (HTML)

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